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MTM TTS 2.0 TFSI S-Tronic - 380HP version

The second generation Audi TT is undoubtedly an inspirational challenge for our engineering team. mtm offers a variety of modifications and performance options specially developed with a s know how and passion for the TT. In addition to modification options for the engine, exhaust system, suspensions and brakes we also offer a head-turning sports body kit and the prominent 9-spoke bimoto performance alloy rims which together offer a striking visual enhancement. Our aim is to extend the emotional appeal of the TT an

power and performance from mtm for the new vw scirocco

Power And Performance From MTM For The New VW Scirocco

In the near future at mtm: everything that makes fast for the new Volkswagen Scirocco! Performance gains of up to 380 hp, Bimoto wheels in 19 and 20 inches, sports suspension, stainless steel exhaust systems, braking systems up to 8-Kolben/380mm and much more ...!


The new Audi RS6 innately impresses discerning customers thanks to its high-powered twin turbo V10 engine with 5.0 l displacement. Only a short while after the car’s market launch, MTM, the Audi specialist from Wettstetten near Ingolstadt, Germany, already has performance kits in its program, which boost the performance of this super-fast station wagon. For instance, the MTM engineers boost the engine power electronically to 656 bhp at 6,180 rpm. If need be, the MTM-RS6 R will run upon reques

Fastest MTM Audi S3 8P with amazing 380bhp!

engine conversions up to 380 PS and with 460 Nm 19"- alloy rims „bimoto“ in diamond cut, titanium oder shiny MTM Brembo brake system (8-Piston Brembo Caliper) paint work by request (roof, front- / rear diffusor, mirror) outstanding performance specifications (0-100km/h under 5 sec) Auto Bild Sportscars, issue 08/2008: High achiever: 380hp - MTM Berlin S3 Clubsport wit 279km/h Topspeed Auto Bild Sportscars, issue 08/2008: – „Hand ans Herz“ – If a compact Audi gets by the 100 km/h in 5 seconds,

MTM Audi S5 GT Supercharged

At the slightest pressure on the accelerator the MTM S5 GT Supercharged rockets forward with brute force. The compressor added to the Audi 4.2 liter V8 by MTM is what makes this possible. An MTM intercooler housing with integrated water cooling ensures that the engine can always generate maximum performance.Watch out, when it gets loose! Overall, instead of the stock 354 hp, there is now all of 505 horsepower at 7190 rpm available. This makes an engine output of 120 hp per liter! The torque boos

mtm Cantronic - Want more?

What is Cantronic? mtm CantronicMTM Cantronic is the name of a new product family which allows a wide range of vehicle optimizations and modifications. What all these modules have in common is a connection with the vehicle´s so called CANbus. The CANbus (Controller Area Network) is a serial bus framework developed for the networking of control units. Modern vehicles have up to 50 such units of which the ECU (engine control unit) is the largest. Others are used for the transmission or the co

Supercharged Audi S5 by MTM

Motoren Technik Mayer from Wettstetten, Germany, puts the Audi S5 under pressure. As "MTM GT Supercharged" the sporty coupe's supercharged engine demonstrates impressive performance data. Together with bigger brakes, a coilover suspension and other minor changes, the result is an overall package which can take on the race track. Pressurized Watch out, when it gets loose! At the slightest pressure on the accelerator the MTM S5 GT Supercharged rockets forward with brute force. The compressor

MTM Continental GTC “Birkin Edition”

The Bentley Continental GTC is One of the most beautiful ways to drive "topless". Nevertheless, Motorentechnik Mayer has a number of tuning measures up its sleeve which accentuate its strenghts without distorting its character. For example, besides a compact attachment at the rear, no measures are implemented that might detract from the elegant appearance of the Continental GTC. MTM was not looking to alter the characteristic and unmistakable shape. To add the finishing touch, the Bavarian tuning specialist equips

MTM Audi S3

Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH from Wettstetten, Germany, laid their hands on the new referee within the sport compact car arena. The Audi S3 creates great competition within its own corporation to Golf GTI and R32 as well the bavarian colleagues BMW with the mighty 130i. Through the mtm-provided components for motor, breaks, exhaust system and suspension, they have distanced themselves even more from their competitors raising the S3 to an uncompromising racer! Better performance and higher t