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Prior Design News

prior-design bmw 3-series f30 pd-m1 with new aerodynamic kit

BMW's sixth generation 3-Series F30 sedan is in fact one of the best-selling cars in the world and now goes under the professional car of the specialist from Prior Design. The four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol unit under the hood of this BMW develops 245 (180 kW) and 350Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque. This means that for it is effortless to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Other numbers include an exceptional 44 mpg on combined cycle with

prior-design mercedes-benz clk pd black edition shows more assets

The latest endeavors of the famous tuning brand Prior Design are on the iconic Mercedes-Benz CLK. The model debuted back in 2007 but still manages to capture the hearts of many with its immortal visual characteristics, driving assets and great power under its hood. The tuned car, namely Prior Design Mercedes-Benz CLK PD Black Edition, includes widebody aerodynamic-kit, which fits all Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 models. The parts are made extensivel

prior-design releases new images of the bmw 1er pdm1

Prior-Design BMW 1er PDM1 is a tuning we are already familiar with. However, the Prior-Design team has made a brand new photo session with the exceptional BMW model and has just released the exclusive images. The vehicle is equipped with PDM1 Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit, which in addition offers huge range of options.

prior design mercedes-benz e-class c207 with enhanced aerodynamics

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz E-Class C207 is something worth seeing on the road and worth having in your garage. First being a true Mercedes-Benz it delivers all the needed qualities: luxury, comfort and pure joy of driving. Secondly, since it is touched by the specialists from Prior Design, this means that it now has more to offer. And here we are talking about aerodynamics. The E-Class is equipped with Prior Desin’s C207 Aero Kit, which is m

prior design mercedes-benz c-class black edition revealed!

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz C-Class Black Edition is the first vehicle that the tuners from Prior Design are revealing for this year. It is red, it is exceptional and it includes a one-of-a-kind aerodynamic package. The latter is created especially for this Mercedes-Benz and is made of Dura-Flex, which is a high quality material, characterized by excellent surface structure. This delivers sufficient flexibility and stability. In particular t

prior design bmw f30

Prior Design has announced their latest project. It is based on the all-new 3-Series – the F30. The aggressive BMW is now even more special. It comes with several styling updates giving more individuality and style. The complete aerodynamics package by Prior Design for BMW F30 is made from Dura-Flex, which is a high-quality material, characterized by excellent surface structure that provides sufficient flexibility and stability.Aerodynamic parts are easy paintable as well. The 3-Seri

prior design audi r8 pd gt650 brings more aerodynamism

Prior Design Audi R8 PD GT650 is the latest creation of the famous tuning specialists from Prior Design. They have added to the latest Audi R8 model a new PD GT650 Aerodynamic-Kit, thus making it more desirable to the speed seekers. As a matter of fact the Kit fits all Audi R8 models and is made from quality Dura-Fl

prior-design gives audi tt 8j new aerodynamic-kit

Prior-Design Audi TT 8J is one of the latest transformations from the talented tuners from Prior-Design. What they have done here is to enhance this astonishing Audi model with new Aerodynamic-kit and thus making it lighter, faster and more appealing to all those who are keen on unforgettable driving experiences. To

prior design lamborghini gallardo pd-l800

Prior Design has introduced another widebody kit, but this time, it is for Lamborghini Gallardo, which has been transformed into the ultimate street racing machine. The widebody kit parts are constructed from high-quality Dura-Flex and are provided with fitting accessories. All of them are TUV certified. The body kit includes a new aggressive front bumper featuring large air intakes and a carbon-fibre lip at the centre. There are also widened front fenders and specially-designed air intakes. The rear g

prior design mercedes-benz sl r230fl pd black edition v2 widebody

Prior Design Mercedes-Benz SL R230FL PD Black Edition V2 Widebody is the latest conversion of the tuning company Prior Design. It has equipped the Mercedes-Benz SL R230FL model with brand new PD Black Edition V2 Widebody aerodynamic-package and thus making it even more competitive. Although the new body kit undergoes current development, some details have been just released. The main material used here for instance is high-quality Dura-Flex FR

prior design audi r8 pd gt850 - seduction in red

Prior Design Audi R8 PD GT850 is the latest and breathtaking tuning of the folks from the studio Prior Design. Being a true Audi R8, the supercar impresses with both outstanding look and spectacular driving performance. However, this fact didn’t stop the tuners and they have put all their efforts in order to make it even better. The result is truly impressive, we must admit. They have turned this Audi model into a brutal PD-GT850 racing style car. Here we can see that the front is entirely revised, where a fro

prior design bmw 3-series e46 m3 - more flexible and stable

The latest project undertaken by the talented tuners from Prior Design is again on one of the most famous Bavarian cars – BMW. This time, under their scalpel is the famous 3-Series model. They have equipped it with a complete aerodynamic package made from Dura-Flex. To be more precise, the latter is a high quality