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Romeo Ferraris News

The tuned Land Rover Defender is the result of the tuning company Aznom and Romeo Ferraris. Land Rover Defender is one of the most ugliest SUVs in the world, but it has true Off-road spirit, which can't be said for X5s, MLs, etc. Now, Aznom fixed the exterior and interior of Defender. The tuning company added to the mighty SUV carbon fiber bumpers, a two-tone matte paint job, red accents, and black wheels fitted with Kumho Road Venture tires. The interior is also upgraded by adding alcanta

Based on a 500 Abarth, the refined 500 Monza celebrates the 50th anniversary of Romeo Ferraris. The 500 Monza by Romeo Ferraris excels with its incredible power of 260 bhp, new aerodynamics and specially made leather-Alcantara interior in the colors of the famous italian racing circuit „Monza”, hence the name. Outside, the 500 Monza main color is Icy White with two red and blue stripes on the hood and on the back side of the car. A Naca type intake on the hood provides the fine tuned engi