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senner tuning 2012 audi s5 coupe

Senner Tuning 2012 Audi S5 Coupe

Senner Tuning has presented their latest project based on the facelift version of Audi S5 Coupe. The tuning company aimed the vision of the flagship RS5 model. The S5 Coupe is finished in ibis-white paint and has a new front spoiler in RS5 design with original RS5 air intakes as well as fitting an original black RS5 radiator grille. At the rear, Senner added a window spoiler and a restrained boot lid spoiler element. There are also side skirts finished in carbon-fibre. The characteristic

senner rise the stakes with an audi s5 coupe

Senner Rise the Stakes with an Audi S5 Coupe

Senner are now showcasing their latest work. An Audi S5 Coupe, refurbished in a way so that it suits the taste of a person who would normally breakfast, lunch and dine behind the wheel. The looks then: A rear spoiler flap, a rear carbon fender skirt insert and a blind for the rear screen all combine to create an appealing street look. A bit more sophistication stems from the carbon fiber side skirts and carbon fiber mirror caps. A set of red Work Varianza T1S wheels measuring at 9 x 20 inch at the front and 10.

2012 senner nissan juke 20 tzunamee candy red will spice your life

2012 Senner Nissan Juke 20 Tzunamee Candy Red will spice your life

2012 Senner Nissan Juke 20 Tzunamee Candy Red is the latest conversion by the exceptional tuners from the German-based company Senner Tuning is on the impressive Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG Turbo. What is so specifically attractive here is its special red and spicy exterior color, which I must admit – immediately captured my heart! The original power of this brilliant machine comes form a 1.6-liter DOHC 16-valve turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The l

2012 senner nissan 350z gold

2012 2012 SENNER Nissan 350Z Gold

Nissan 350Z is one of the most famous roadsters all around the globe thank to its sporting qualities and characteristics. 2012 SENNER Nissan 350Z Gold is a modification of the model vehicle, done by the German based auto-tuning company SENNER. First, what grabs the eye is the incomparable Lemans Sunset Metallic. In addition the 350Z rides on new matt black polished 9 or 10x20 inch Barracuda Tzunamee wheel set, which is combined with supporting discs at front and back axes. The tires are Vrede

senner's audi s5 coupe 2012

Senner's Audi S5 Coupe 2012

This year, the Audi S5 Coupe roams the streets with a facelift... and a new engine coincidentally. The engine itself is not new new but it is a first in the S5 – The TFSI 3.0 liter V6 unit has been around for the Cabriolet and Sportback versions. Another techy addition that is not your typical facelift is a stop-start system for better fuel efficiency. Other than that, we have new bumpers, a new radiator grille, aluminum wing mirror caps and a different four-pipe exhaust system. Now, while the

2012 senner bmw z8

2012 Senner BMW Z8

The BMW Z8 model got a breathtaking tuning. Benno Senner of SENNER Tuning AG, Ingelheim, with his crew implemented this tuning. In the beginning the engine was supplied with a sports air filter set. After that a parameter adjustment followed, including the balance of the exhaust system. It featured a welded exhaust manifold with a stainless steel silencer and flame tubes designed with metal catalysts. This gives the additional the total of 37 kW (50 hp) and 535 Nm (395 lb-ft) torque. Hence, this

senner mercedes-benz sls amg

Senner Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Senner Tuning has unveiled their program for the famous Mercedes SLS AMG. It includes performance modifications and some improvement of the stance. The new Gullwing is powered by the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 in the world – AMG’s 6.2 liter beast with 571PS (420 kW) and 650Nm (479 lb-ft). It is boosted to 606PS (446 kW) and 690Nm (509 lb-ft). The results are thanks to a number of upgrades – an ECU re-map, optimized air-flow and new stainless steel sports exhaust system. The

senner tuning 2012 bmw x6 - vision à la senne

2012 Senner Tuning 2012 BMW X6 - VISION à la Senne

The E71, which is commonly known as BMW X6 is a crossover familiar in the USA as SUV, called SAC and coupe by BMW. Since 2008, the BMW’s factory in Spartanburg began its serial production (this is in U.S. state of South Carolina). In addition, such production for the Asian region began in Avtotor in Russia's Kaliningrad. The Senner Tuning AG in Ingelheim company is has achieved great results in the Rhine-Hessen symbiosis of earth and the permanent presentation of different series heroes all over the world. Th

senner opel astra

Senner Opel Astra

Senner Tuning has announced a new tuning package for the latest Opel Astra, which is just astonishing even without any modifications. However, the tuning specialists have developed both styling and performance upgrades. The 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol gets  a performance upgrade boosting the engine from 140PS (103 kW) and 200Nm (147 lb-ft) to 165PS (121 kW) and 250Nm (184 lb-ft). The engine control system was adapted by SENNER, and the BMC sport air filter was installed. The stainless stee

senner audi a1 s-line

Senner Audi A1 S-Line

Senner Tuning AG has shown its unique sense of creativity by adding new rear apron to Audi A1 S-line exterior pack. Somewhat, this part was neglected by the manufacturer, but Senner’s enhancement greatly improves the overall performance of the latter. The Rear Apron Insert is produced from top-quality, glass-fiber-reinforced polymeric material FGPC, therefore it is light and crashproof. The car also features extra fine fit 9-mm tail exhaust tail pipes on the right and left of the plant-manu

senner audi s5 sportback

Senner Audi S5 Sportback

Senner tuning has announced their tuning program for Audi S5 Sportback. It includes a set of new wheels, lowered suspension, carbon fiber interior elements and some performance modifications. First, the tuning specialists fitted the stylish S5 Sportback with huge SENNER-Elegant TS-7 wheels in sizes 9.5J x 20” up front and 11J x 20” at the rear fitted with Conti Sport Contact 5P tires in dimensions 255/30 R20 and 295/25 R20, respectively. The car is finished in black mettalic paint with

senner audi q5

Senner Audi Q5

Senner Tuning has announced its tuning program for the Q5. Senner Audi Q5 is finished in red and brown metallic. The vehicle also comes with a black NSW radiator grill, roof edging, rear bumper that is lacquered to match the colour of the car and gas exhaustion pipes in the left and in the right. The performance is more than satisfying - 213PS (157 kW) and 445Nm (330 lb-ft) of torque from the 2.0 litre four-cylinder TDI engine. The results are thanks to a CAI, sport exhaust system and an E