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ultima sports unveils 1020 hp supercar called evolution

Ultima Sports Unveils 1020 HP Supercar Called Evolution

Ultima Sports Ltd is a supercar manufacturer based in the UK, which is famous for its world record holding models: the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am. A few hours ago the company has published on their official Facebook page that it is releasing an exciting new car named Ultima Evolution. The car itself will come in two

ferrari f430 calavera - where performance meets design

Ferrari F430 CALAVERA - where performance meets design

Using 11 months of design and development, the bavarian design house „Unique Sportcars" has completed their first design concept: A Super Sports Car for the streets. Limiting the series to the number of 11, the unique „Calavera" design is based on the Ferrari F430. The motor tuning is masterfully crafted by Ferr