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Wheelsandmore News

wheelsandmore reveals the hornesse: mclaren 570 gt's evil twin

Do you remember how Wheelssandmore team has tweaked McLaren models P1, MP4-12C and the 675LT Limited Edition? We surely do. And we were quite impressed with the final results. And the good news? The well-known tuning crew has decided to keep up the high standard and proudly demonstrates its final project: McLaren 570 GT HORNESSE. This sexy badass has undergone some comprehensive tuning program: the whole drivetrain system has been heavily


Wheelsandmore strikes again! This time the lucky vehicle i a 488 GTS machine that has undergone some comprehensive changes and upgrades. Dealing with more power and enhanced road behaviour features, the Ferrari has a lot to demonstrate. Let’s check out! Wheelsandmore team has done quite a lot for the elegant I

wheelsandmore tweaks the menacing aston martin db11. check it out!

Wheelsandmore strikes again! This time the tuning project is a massive one: after all the engineering team decided to try to make an Aston Martin vehicle even more appealing and more agile. So, have they succeeded? Let’s find out! The lucky vehicle is a DB11 unit with a massive V12 5.2-liter power unit. In fact, this is one of Aston Martin’s flagship models that produces titanic amounts of power. But it was not enough to impress the fine g

wheelsandmore enhances a lucky lambo aventador

Despite being not that many worldwide and being expensive, Aventador LP 750-4 SV remains visually stunning and performance excellent vehicle. And in a case you fed up with such a monster, there is good news. People from Wheelsandmore decided to tweak the sweetie and geared it with numerous features that make it outstanding. The tuning brand decided to start where the Lamborghini manufacturer has stopped. The engineers madewonders with the weight reduction via the added customized 2-part full-carbon rim FIWE ultr

wheelsandmore decides to take closer look to a lucky mercedes-amg vehicle

The all-time favorite to  tuners Mercedes GLE 63 Coupe received even more improvements by the German tuner Wheelsandmore. The engineers decided to take a closer look to the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe and have made some changes here and there. Let's check out what are the results. The good people at Wheelsandmore managed to deliver a total of four upgrade packages named Stages. The higher the number of the "stage" the more powerful the upgraded

wheelsandmore makes comprehensive changes on a lucky ferrari vehicle

Ferrari decided to remind everyone what Italian quality and style is and introduced the mid-supercar 488 GBT. It comes with numerous advantages and improvements when compared to the 458 model and really has a lot to demonstrate. As always, Ferrari team designed a stunningly beautiful masterpiece with stunningly powerful engine: a 3.9-liter 730hp (536kW) and 850Nm of torque titan. And with the geared Stage II upgrade package this beauty shows i

wheelsandmore give this mercedes-benz s63 amg additional 115hp

Wheelsandmore just released their vision for the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Coupe and it was captivating. Now it is time for another great project by the tuner, which also involves the Mercedes and AMG brands. This time, under the expertise of the specialists has been subjected the S63 AMG coupe. It has been given not only more attractive stance, but it also received a bunch of additional horsepower. The version of the refiner of the in-house "Sev

wheelsandmore stands strong with completely revised mercedes amg gt s coupe

Wheelsandmore has revised and refined a very special Mercedes AMG, which comes our way under the name of AMG GT S Coupe. The good news is that the design is specifically created to meet all customers’ customization demands. This means, anyone can tweak and change his AMG to a point of total satisfaction. The tuning company focuses on the hand-crafted 3-peces forged wheels and the F.I.W.E. wheel with central locking options. Getting along