2010 Hyundai Santa Fe wins a prestigious award for towing capabilities. The position of the SUV is further enhanced with this award and it is a popular choice for British buyers. The family 4x4 is named as the "Best Value 4x4 of the Year" by a panel of judges from the Caravan and Camping Club and from magazines What Car? and Practical Caravan.

"The Santa Fe thoroughly deserves its award as the best value 4x4. You know the Santa Fe is a good towcar after just a few miles, but it's easy to miss just how good until you consider the price.", said What Car?'s Editor-in-Chief, Steve Fowler.

"For more than £10,000 less than the XC60, and nearly £20,000 less than the Land Rover Discovery, this is a car that will happily tow the majority of caravans, has room for seven and an enviable list of standard equipment. You can expect 41.5mpg driving solo, according to official figures. That's excellent for a car which weighs the thick-end of two tonnes.", he added.

"We are delighted to win this prestigious award. We know the Santa Fe is a popular choice for owners who like to get hitched, and we have worked hard to make it the best possible package.", comments Hyundai UK's managing director Tony Whitehorn.

"The Santa Fe offers a great mix of supercar torque and hatchback fuel economy, as well as being a spacious and extremely capable family car.", noted Mr. Whitehorn.

The entry-level five-seat manual 2.2 CRDi Santa Fe Style starts at £21 495. Although, there are improvements in equipment levels and drivability, prices are actually lower compared with the outgoing model.

The service intervals have been doubled to 20,000 miles, which saves a lot of money. Also there are dropping from 29% to 26% tax rates, because of the lower CO2 emissions.

Last, but not least the 2010 Santa Fe enjoys the legendary five years unlimited mileage warranty.

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