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flying spur's interior excellence

Flying Spur's interior excellence

One of the world’s finest four-door sedans has been made even better with contemporary technology and tons of customization options. Also, Bentley designers now offer a new exterior paint that would complement all the changes – Cambrian Grey. Technology and craftsmanship The latest Flying Spur model comes with a large number of technological benefits for the buyer. Only some of the new additions include traffic sign recognition, hands-free boot opening, extended safeguard features, top-view ca

volkswagen id. lineup overview: what makes it special

Volkswagen ID. lineup overview: what makes it special

The ID lineup is definitely worth checking out. Especially after receiving the “2021 World Car of the Year” award. All the vehicles in the series come with a set of cutting-edge technologies on board and adopt the latest engineering concepts in terms of drivetrain systems. These features contribute to excellent perform

4 ways to protect your car from dents and scratches

4 Ways To Protect Your Car From Dents And Scratches

A car is one of the most valuable assets that a person can acquire in their lifetime. Because of its hefty price and useful purpose, it’s essential to protect your car in many ways. Some people even splurge on car accessories and upgrades to keep their vehicle in its best appearance. While spending too much on your car

mercedes-amg motorsport achieved its 500th overall win

Mercedes-AMG Motorsport achieved its 500th overall win

The Customer Racing Teams have produced another milestone in Mercedes-AMG Motorsport’s history. Richard and Sam Neary from team ABBA Racing secured the 500th overall win of the Customer Racing Program with their Mercedes-AMG GT3s in the British GT Cup Championship last weekend. Then, only a few hours later, Antonelli M

ford reveals first details for the new mustang nascar machine

Ford reveals first details for the new Mustang NASCAR machine

Ford unveils new 2022 NASCAR Next-Gen Mustang. This is bran’s vehicle that will compete in the NASCAR Cup Series next season. The vehicle has been under construction for two years and showcases a completely new technical and design approach, compared to previous generations and unlike them, the exterior is the only noticeable change. However, the vehicle incorporates the latest and greatest technical concept known to the world of motorsport.

toyota team reveals new trd camry racecar

Toyota team reveals new TRD Camry racecar

Toyota and Toyota Racing Development team unveiled the Next-Gen car that will participate in on-track events in 2022 – the Toyota TRD Camry. The engineering teams have been closely working with NASCAR, as well as other OEMs, in order to create the Next Gen vehicles for competition. The design concept ensures more body styling characteristics that contribute to the overall high performance and mechanical capabilities. From the grille to the spoiler and everywhere in between, the Next Gen TRD Camry has the most

subaru outback: a quick technical overview

Subaru Outback: a quick technical overview

Subaru announces the introduction of the new Outback, which will be in showrooms from 27th May this year. The vehicle has not only retained its popularity since its initial release back in 1995, but also has multiplied its fanbase throughout the years. The vehicle offers safety, comfort, practicality, and tons of on- and off-road capabilities. So, let’s see what makes the new Outback even more special. Enhanced safety features The vehicle comes with optimal driving position, window heights, and carefully ar

hyundai announces details for the new ioniq 5 lineup

Hyundai announces details for the new IONIQ 5 lineup

Hyundai Motor announces specifications and details for the new IONIQ 5, the first car in the lineup based on the new Electric-Global Modular Platform. The vehicle’s design showcases a new approach and incorporates tons of new details, first shown at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, when the concept vehicle was first u