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best car custom lifts and upgrades in 2020

Best Car Custom Lifts and Upgrades in 2020

There are plenty of reasons to lift or otherwise modify a 4WD truck, Jeep, or another vehicle. Custom lifts improve performance both on the highways and off-road and increase drivers’ and riders’ comfort. Plus, today’s custom lifts and upgrades are actually relatively easy to install, so drivers can perform their own upgrades or find a shop that will do the work for them at affordable rates. Read on to find out about the best car custom lifts and upgrades in 2020 to see what other drivers are doing with their 4

americantrucks upgrades exhaust tech guide

AmericanTrucks Upgrades Exhaust Tech Guide

AmericanTrucks (AT) introduces a new video to their exhaust tech guide empowering F150 owners in the market for a new exhaust system. Used along with their detailed product pages, this new video provides a visual guide with professional advice that’s easy to follow. Hosted by AT’s Justin Dugan, the video begins with an outline of all the resources available on AmercianTrucks.com. As Justin explains, this includes “...industry leading exhaust videos to help you see and most importantly hear a system before pu

vehicle fluids - what you need to know

Vehicle Fluids - What You Need to Know

People often think about all of the complex machinery and parts when it comes to how a car works, but you should never forget about the various fluids which act like the blood keeping the car active and in top condition. There are a number of critical fluids found in every vehicle and it is worth knowing what these are, what they do and what you can do to maintain them. Experienced extended warranty provider Warrantywise recommends the following fluids as the most important: Engine Oil

new video added to american muscle’s mustang intakes guide

New Video Added to American Muscle’s Mustang Intakes Guide

AmericanMuscle (AM) has revamped their mustang intakes tech guide with the addition of a video containing pro tips on how to shop for a cold air intake. Hosted by host Justin Dugan, the new content helps Mustang owners understand their options in an easily digestible format. Josh begins by explaining that an intake is an easy way to "add a little more power and sound along with making a nice visual statement under the hood.” AM’s detailed

understanding tyre sidewall information

Understanding Tyre Sidewall Information

Have you ever wondered what the information found on the side of your vehicle tyres means? This is something that many motorists do not know about which can actually be dangerous as this is important information that can help an individual to operate their vehicle safely and find the right replacement, especially if it is driven within a commercial environment carrying heavy loads. With this in mind, here is everything that you need to know about tyre sidewall information. Tyre Width &

why should everybody visit arizona at least once in a lifetime

Why Should Everybody Visit Arizona At Least Once in a Lifetime

Located in the heart of the American Southwest, Arizona is packed with vibrant cities, charming small towns and plenty of natural wonders. Famous worldwide for being home of the Grand Canyon, those who venture deeper into the state will discover all kinds of unique places and interesting sites including Native American cliff dwellings, remnants of ancient cultures, historic ghost towns from the mining days and a landscape that invites to spen

what to know before replacing your headlights

What To Know Before Replacing Your Headlights

Replacing your headlight is a relatively simple fix that almost anyone can learn how to do. If you are thinking about working on your vehicle and are wondering if the headlights need to be replaced, now is the perfect time to learn. Before you start, however, there are a few things you should know and think about. Why Should You Replace Your Headlights? First, you may be unsure why you would need to replace your headlights at all. The most obvious reason is that they are out. It is, after all, illegal to driv

how to choose the best garage door design for your home

How To Choose The Best Garage Door Design For Your Home

The garage door is an essential part of the home’s external appearance. Modern garages can be available in a diverse selection of designs, and styles. When choosing the style, make sure that the design complements the overall layout of your home. However, finding the garage doors entails a lot of consideration,