Nissan X-Trail is one of the best selling models of the company. It benefits from a perfect on and off-road capabilities combined with nice interior and exterior, and everything that is at good price. However, from October this year, customers of Nissan will be able to buy the new updated version of X-Trail, which offers even more durability, comfort, practicality and convenience than the old one.

The exterior features completely redesigned grille, headlights and bumper assembly. Depending on grade of equipment, the SUV includes either Xenon or halogen projectors for the main lights and halogen parabole for the high beam. The indicators remain integrated in the assembly above the headlights. The background to the headlamps is painted black on all grades and fog lamps are mounted below the headlights, recessed in the bumper. At the rear, 2011 Nissan X-Trail has LED light technology for the running lights and braking. The SUV stands on 18" alloys fitted with 225/55 ZR18 tyres. There is also a new double five-spoke design 17" wheels.

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The dimensions of X-Trail have increased a bit. The new SUV is 10mm longer, 10mm wider and of course – 10mm higher than its predecessor.

Inside, 2011 X-Trail has features improved materials and better colour coordination, in particular, the area around the base of the A-pillar.

Because of the bigger dimensions, Nissan X-Trail now has an additional 10mm of knee-room for the occupants.  Rear seat passengers can now enjoy a toasty drive as the revised X-TRAIL will be available with rear seat warmers, offering two levels of heating.

The SUV meets EU5 because of the significant updates to the diesel version. The manual gearbox has revised ratios for a better compromise between acceleration, fuel economy and emissions. The automatic transmission has been modified for reduced friction. Thanks to optimised underbody aerodynamics, X-Trail's Cd is reduced from 0.36 to 0.35.

"All of these changes will reinforce the X-TRAIL as one of the few genuine compact SUVs which can just as comfortably tackle the demands of everyday family life, as it can a muddy, slippery track when it transports a family for a weekend of adventure. X-TRAIL customers love it for its ease and convenience of daily use, no matter what situation they find themselves in. With these revisions to Nissan's X-TRAIL, there is even more to love about X-TRAIL.", commented Speaking about the updates to Nissan's X-TRAIL, Vincent Wijnen Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe.