North Texas residents met the i-Road, the three-wheeled electric vehicle and COMS, the compact electric vehicle last weekend at American Airlines in Dallas. All the people, who participated in the event spent some time answering questions and reviewing different technological trends and told the audience about the ultra-compact vehicles and the ways they will make our lives easier.

Furthermore, there are numerous focus groups in Silicon Valley, California in February 2015, that received some positive feedback from numerous participants. In fact, there was also a guy, who presented a credit card and immediately purchased an i-Road vehicle. But the bad news is that he must wait a bit longer to receive it.

In fact, the i-Road demonstration projects have already begun in France and Japan and the teams are working hard to test the vehicles in different city situations. For example, in Grenoble, France and Toyota City, Japan the demonstration units are positioned in car sharing applications, while the i-Roads in Tokyo, Japan come with an option to be loaned to individual customers. They will start taking orders next month.  On the other hand, COMS vehicles have already begun sales in Japan.

There are no some specific plans and formulas for the US audience. All we know is, that the i-Road demonstration programs will be launhed in the near future. So, stay in tune and don't forget to try out the vehicles of the future!

Toyota i-Road Paris (2014) - picture 1 of 5
Toyota i-Road Paris (2014) - picture 2 of 5
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Toyota i-Road Paris (2014) - picture 5 of 5

Source: Toyota