Toyota brings even more features for the Aurion model, but the prices stay the same. The vehicle now will come with increased safety technologies, style and better overall performance. Toyota team really has a lot to offer with the old-new model. So let us see what it has to offer.

Now, the Aurion model is geared with numerous airbags, rear cames and with stability and traction control systems, special brake system and a special air-conditioner. The Aurion AT-X comes with 16-inch alloy wheels, dual exhaust and adjustable driver's seat.

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The Sportivo model comes with even more additions, like the redesigned steering wheel, rear sunshade and power-adjusted seats. It includes the special 17-inch alloy wheels, premium 10-speaker audio system, leather trim. There is also a special optional package, that brings 18-inch wheels, fine tuned suspension and steering tweaks. The car itself comes with numerous choices for exterior color, including the special Indigo finish. Inside, the Aurion AT-X welcomes you with fabric seat trim, sporty interior and comfortable seats. In fact, the seat trim has been further tweaked and brings even more pleasure of driving.

There are also numerous exterior tweaks for the redesigned Aurion model. There are special alloy wheels, headlamps, grilles and many more. The front meets you with a special grille and dual-pocket LED headlamps. At the rear, the AT-X the chrome garnish is replaced with a body-colored version. There are wonderful spoilers and a special Sportivo aero kit for even more confident appearance.

Toyota team really knows how to make its customers happy, right?

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