2021-Volvo-XC40-9102021 Volvo XC40 has earned the Best Resale Value Award by Kelley Blue Book in the Luxury Subcompact SUV category. This is the model's second consecutive year of winning the prize.

Admired for its modern and elegant design and for the brand's famous safety suites, XC40 had no difficulties achieving the highest possible ratings. The vehicle comes with an advanced lane-keeping alert and assist, blind-spot warning and Pilot Assist technology that altogether contributed to the prestigious recognition. Additionally, the XC40 was also chosen a winner because of the numerous customization options it offers. Buyers can choose specs from an extended list of options and further enhance their vehicle with the brand's aftermarket upgrades. And last, but not least, it seems that the machine reveals that it is super reliable in terms of maintenance and resale value.

Volvo doesn't stop to impress both fans and sceptics with its hi-tech gadgets and overall modern approach towards vehicle building. Brand's latest models manage to catch the attention of many juries around the globe and easily win awards one after another. Also known as "the Swedish pride", Volvo continues to do deliver super safe cars and advanced technologies that not only contribute to a greener future but also enhance the pleasure of driving.

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As it comes to the event itself, Kelley Blue Book, it recognizes vehicles for their high retain value over the first five years of ownership. The evaluation is based on Kelley Blue Book Official Residual Value Guide and for its 19 years of existence has managed to point out the best machines in the category. The event receives widespread media attention and helps millions of buyers make a well-informed and confident choice for their next vehicle.