2015 ABT Volkswagen Polo Side ViewABT Volkswagen Polo is here to show us the perfect way to celebrate famous tiny car's 40 years on the automotive market. It is almost unbelievable that so much time has passed since this model was first introduced. But one of the best ways to celebrate the anniversary is to make a more powerful and better looking variant of the latest edition of the Polo. At least, this is ABT Sportsline's opinion on the matter.

The New Generation

New Generation is actually the name of the performance upgrades, based upon a specially developed control unit and created by the tuner. They allow the Polo V to pump out more than 230 hp (169 kW) from its 1.8 TSI engine. Just for a comparison, the serial number of the drivetrain is 192 hp (141 kW).

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Furthermore, ABT specialists also wanted to achieve the best possible cornering characteristics, therefore they have installed the best sport-type springs, and lowered the front axle by 25mm and the rear by 30mm.

2015 ABT Volkswagen Polo Rear View

Next thing was to substitute the original 13-inch wheels with in-house made 18-inch ER-C fitted with 215/35 R18 tyres. In addition, the Polo was also decorated with a carbon-look rear attachment above the third braking light and the cool rear skirt set, exhaust system with its two mid pipes and bicoloured carbon wrap set.

And when you open the door, be sure that ABT-logo integrated entrance LEDs will welcome you, while you step onto the special floor mats.

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Source: ABT Sportsline