2021 AC Cars Cobra-1The new AC Cobra Series 1 made its debut at the British Motor Show in front of tens of thousands of attendees.

Britain's oldest automobile manufacturer, AC Car's new Series 1 marks a completely new chapter in the brand's 120-year history. Now, the latest model lineup features a sporty drivetrain system, advanced and hand-built electronics, and a fully electric engine system.

What is also special about the vehicle is that it retains the iconic styling that made Cobra famous, as well as the advanced drivetrain system developed by Derbyshire partner Falcon Electric.

Alan Lubinsky, Chief Executive of AC Cars for more than two decades, said, This was our first chance to show off the car, and the positive response was overwhelming. There's so much adoration for the AC Cobra, whether you're six years old or over 60 – and the chance to share and enjoy people's stories was fantastic. It shows that our best of British approach – combining an iconic car with cutting-edge technology – will be a sure-fire hit.

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In terms of performance, the Cobra accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 4 seconds and has a massive output measured at 500Nm of torque, and 230kW via the 55kWh battery. The vehicle can cover a range of about 150 miles with a single charge.