AC Schnitzer prepared a tuning program for the Range Rover Sport and presented it last March at the Geneva Motor Show. Now the talented tuners are ready to take the driving experience of Land Rover customers even further by making the innovative technical and aesthetic tuning solutions available to order from Land Rover dealers at 20 locations across the world. With this, the tuning experts aim to push the boundaries of the Range Rover Sport.

First thing to do was to add more power to the 3.0L SD V6 engine, giving the vehicle greater acceleration and more torque. The numbers have grown from 292 hp (215 kW) and 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) to 340 hp (250 kW) and 720 Nm (531 lb-ft).

AC Schnitzer Range Rover Sport can now show-off with 340 hp and 720 Nm!

Surprisingly, the standard fuel consumption and CO2 emissions remain the same thanks to the improvement in efficiency. This increase in power actually enhances the CO2 value per horsepower, and the optimized engine economy.

Visually, the new exhaust pipes give the Range Rover striking final look. There is an option of two "Sports Trim" tailpipes or four "Sport" tailpipes both in right/left combination. When it comes to the all-wheel drive mode, it got more agile due to the addition of lowering module. It brings the Range Rover Sport by either 30 or 35 mm closer to the ground.

Contribution to the maneuverability are also making the new 275/40 R 22 or 305/30 R 23 rubbers fitted on Type VIII forged racing alloys in either 10.0J x 22 inch or 11.0J x 23 inch configuration. There is an option of Type V forged alloys in BiColor or anthracite in 10.0J x 22 inch with 275/40 R 22 tyres.

AC Schnitzer also ensured that the vehicle improves its powerful and sporting presence. This was achieved with the addition of the front and rear skirt with integral diffuser. Inside, the cockpit adds new keyholder and velours foot mats.

Below you can watch the first video showing the AC Schnitzer Range Rover Sport. Enjoy!

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