Aston Martin Rapide Concept was revealed in 2006 at Detroit Auto Show. Now in 2009 the final version of Rapide is revealed at IAA Frankfurt. This is one of the most awaited cars of 2009.

The three most important for Aston Martin things are available in the Rapide – Power, Beauty and Soul.

A hand-built 6.0-litre V12 engine is taking care for the "Power" by producing 470bhp and 600N/m of torque. The gearbox is six-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic, which allows the driver to change gears automatically or manually via the steering column-mounted magnesium paddles.

The "Beuaty" is obvious - like in every other Aston Martin. The Rapide is so elegant and nicely made that is astonishing. The proportions of the car are just perfect.

When you are sitting behind the steering wheel of an Aston Martin, you can actually feel the "Soul" of the car. It is not only a pile of beautifully sculptured iron, it is "alive".

Although we don't appreciate the idea of a sports car with 4 doors, we can't deny that the Rapide is a masterpiece.

First deliveries of Aston Martin Rapide will commence early in 2010.

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