The production of the Aston Martin Lagonda super saloon was announced at the end of July, and since then we haven't heard anything about the vehicle. Now the British company is releasing first images of the production car version of the new Lagonda. Except for those ten images which you can view below, Aston Martin didn't release any further details about the car. What we know however is that it will be built in strictly limited numbers and its production will begin in 2015.

With this super saloon, the luxury brand is trying to revive the historic Lagonda nameplate. And in fact, the Lagonda badge will be positioned on the ultimately luxurious and exclusive model, which means that what we see now sits at the top of Aston Martin's range.

Furthermore, the Lagonda will be built on the flexible VH architecture. As you can see from the picture above, the new model also draws inspiration from the highly sought-after William Towns-designed 1976 Lagonda. The saloon is hand-built and crafted and features a lot of carbon-fiber components.

This is a return for the Lagonda nameplate which comes after the revival of other Aston Martin's projects, which include the One-77 hypercarV12 Zagato and last year's CC100 Speedster Concept. Just like its exclusive siblings, Lagonda has been created as a piece of automotive piece art.

Lagonda will be offered for sale by invitation only, and will be sold in the Middle East only. There are no details disclosed about the exact pricing.

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Images Source: Aston Martin