Earlier this month Aston Martin shared that the world is going to see something outstanding, something special, something that will melt the air and will urge time to stop just so people can take a long breath while looking in amazement at the new automotive beast. Releasing a new teaser video, the automaker showed us what kind of an aggressiveness to expect soon. Of course, the debut of the vehicle will take place during the 2015 Geneva Auto Show next week.

Determined to conquer the world, the new Aston Martin Vulcan is going to be track only, which will turn it into a potential competitor for the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K. According to the British sports car builder, this hypercar is expected to be the most extreme model in the 102-year history of the brand. And after viewing the video it is hard to disagree with this statement.

Showing off with a massive racing rear wing as well as beefed up and the more masculine body, the new Vulcan revs the engines while its side exhausts breathe out flames which can burn the senses of every adrenaline-lover.

Other details about this powerful Aston Martin reveal that the car is expected to be produced in less than 30 units. More information is yet to come meanwhile enjoy the craziness of the Vulcan in the video bellow.

Source: Aston Martin via Youtube