Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro debuts with refreshed styling and bodywork features. In fact, the whole concept is different, compared to the Audi model, that won the FIA World Endurance Championship WEC season at Silverstone. As you know, it is kind of a tradition for Audi team to create different bodywork concepts for each individual race. Just to be prepared for everything. And this proofed to be a successful strategy.

As you might remember, the visual changes in previous models was not that interesting or recognizable, but now, the skilled engineer team created a body, that is especially designed and tweaked, just to be in great condition to the Le Mans race. The specific tweaks and configurations are especially done to achieve better downforce, higher speed and even better aerodynamics.

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In fact, the result is more than satisfying. the greater downforce levels, along with the different fairing, sidespots, openings and the overall bodywork and styling are essential for the latest Audi vehicle and promise to achieve the best results available on the sports track.

With all the innovations and tweaks, Audi team is ready to show great results not only in the training place, but also on the Le Mans track itself.

We wish Audi team luck and numerous occasions for celebrations!

Source: Audi