Mansory GT Race Front and Side ViewToday's project made by Mansory involves a Continental GT and a bunch of genius improvements. The so called Mansory GT Race car has nothing or a little to do with its predecessor, due to the extensive changes that has been done to its bodywork, power unit and interior. Well, this might sound a little bit forced but we urge you to take a look at the pictures.

The new body package comprises of impressive elements like the ultra light hood made of exposed carbon fibre, the fantastic look of the daytime driving lights, or the improved aerodynamics and weight. It is no surprise that the car has less body mass, because literally every detail in it was made of carbon, beginning with the doors, going through the side mirrors and ending with the width increasing fenders.

Furthermore, more downforce on the rear axle is provided through the new side skirt, diffuser and GT3 wing profile. Of course, less weight also means better performance. As if this fact inspired the tuner to upgrade the heart of the car. Precisely, they have added new elements like the exhaust system, turbocharger, engine and transmission management and more.

Obviously 1000 is the favorite number of the company since this is the third model in their garage which is capable of producing around 1000 hp (736 kW). There is a raise in the torque to 1,200 Nm, too. The maximum speed is of 330 km/h and it is achieved while the car tries to accelerate in less than 3.9 seconds for the 0-100 km/h sprint.

New lightweight alloys and huge tires are also at hand, but what's more impressive is the interior. It is equipped with a combination of upholstery from leather and Alcantara and greencoloured carbon fibre. Rounding out the project are the sports seats made of carbon, the newly designed airbag sports steering wheel and the pedals made of aluminium.

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Source: Mansory