mansory prepares 1000hp mercedes-amg s63 coupe black edition for frankfurt

MANSORY Prepares 1000HP Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe Black Edition for Frankfurt

MANSORY Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe Black Edition is another extremely cool project which we want to immediately share with you, since it was announced a few hours ago on MANSORY’s official Facebook page. Two images revealing the car were also released. What is special about it is that it produces 1000HP!We have seen such an extreme tuning by the experts on their S-Class Diamond Edition. If you can’t recall it, you can follow the link below. I pro

mansory further refines porsche macan

MANSORY Further Refines Porsche Macan

MANSORY Porsche Macan is the next tuning featured for today. It seems that Fridays are tuning days, since many of the companies send us information with their latest projects exactly on this day of the week. Nothing wrong with that, of course, since it is always nice to see how other people envision some of our favorite cars. So, now we show you MANSORY’s variant of the Macan. This Porsche comes in gloss black exterior color and features a lot of carbon fiber – not only on the outside but

mansory uprates porsche cayenne turbo s to 620hp via simple plug & play

MANSORY Uprates Porsche Cayenne Turbo S to 620HP via Simple Plug & Play

MANSORY Porsche Cayenne Turbo S looks devilish in this red and black dual-tone outfit. It is a true instance of luxury and class, isn’t it? This is not only because of its undisputable visual characteristics, but also because its ability to produce 550 hp (405 lb-ft) and 750 Nm (554 lb-ft) of torque. Wait … there is a hint here. These horses are only if the car is with the stock output. If this is so, then the model can accelerate from 0 to 1

mansory releases power upgrades for mercedes-benz s63 amg

Mansory Releases Power Upgrades for Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

Mansory is one of my favorite tuners because they always do what seems impossible. This time they have showed us the conversion packages for the ultimate Mercedes S63 AMG coupe. The performance upgrades are the most important parts here. However, I can’t underestimate the visuals of this car, because it simply looks

mansory gt race is a brilliant 1000 hp bentley continental

Mansory GT Race is a brilliant 1000 HP Bentley Continental

Today’s project made by Mansory involves a Continental GT and a bunch of genius improvements. The so called Mansory GT Race car has nothing or a little to do with its predecessor, due to the extensive changes that has been done to its bodywork, power unit and interior. Well, this might sound a little bit forced but w

mansory with another 1000 hp s-class project called diamond edition

Mansory with Another 1000 HP S-Class Project Called Diamond Edition

Do you remember Mansory’s 1000 hp S-Class sedan? If you do, then you will be happy to hear that the tuning brand has transformed another S-vehicle, this time a coupe. The car was on display in Geneva and gathered a lot of attention. There are reasons for this, not only due to the exuberant color, but also due to the masculine body extensions, the massive interior change and more importantly the 986 HP (725 kW) that the car can now produce. Ther

mansory unleashes 838 hp lamborghini huracan

Mansory Unleashes 838 HP Lamborghini Huracan

The tuners at Mansory have surprised us with a very special project. As they say, they have refined the Huracán to the highest level. Shortly before the official debut of the car in Geneva, the specialists gave us the first glimpse of the refining program for the Lambo model. The pictures clearly show that the vehicle has been widened and now has more purposeful stance. The bodywork program differs significantly from the standard series vehicle. There are design elements such as the exclusive daytime driving li

mansory creates 50 exclusive bentley continental gt/c editions

Mansory Creates 50 Exclusive Bentley Continental GT/C Editions

Mansory Edition 50 is a limited edition parts kit intended for only 50 units of Bentley GT or GTC. The kit itself adds subtle modification, but still it strengthens the luxury characteristics of the car. The stylish bodywork modification sets consists of several design tweaks that need some thorough attention. Looking at the front of this beautiful Bentley, we immediately see a newly designed apron with integrated LED lights. In addition, the new