2019 Bentley Flying Spur In honor of brand's 100th anniversary, Bentley team will unveil the third generation of Flying Spur Grand Touring machine on June, 11.

This will be the first Bentley vehicle to feature an All-Wheel Steering enhancing system, which would steer the rear wheels along with the front ones in order to ensure more confident and direct turning action both on track and on the road. By far this is the most prominent feature within the machine.

And like every other Flying Spur of recent times, the latest family member will also feature an All-Wheel Drive system for optimum traction. And one more time, this will be the first Bentley to feature a dynamic control over situations – although the entire drivetrain system is designed to deliver the entire output to the rear wheels, if any issues are being noticed, the All-Wheel Drive will transfer power output to the front wheels. This means that the entire vehicle is created in such a way that it ensures high speed confidence and low speed convenience.

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And just like the recently launched Continental GT, new Flying Spur will push the boundaries of both technology and craftsmanship in order to set new levels of refinement and quality.

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Source: Bentley