BILSTEIN Volvo XC60 side view

Volvo began the production of the XC60 eight years ago. Ever since that starting point, the SUV still remains highly popular for the strength, durability and comfortability it offers. Bu the way, exactly this model has been awarded several times for being the "best-selling premium SUV in Europe", including in 2015.

In June, Polestar Performance has offered an optimization for the new generation of Volvo XC60. It also made an improvement to other five key areas: throttle response, gearshift hold, agility, speed and overall more aggressive on-road behavior.

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Besides these good news for the future XC60 customers, many owners of older model variants, which have a lot of miles on the clock, requiring shock absorbers to be replaced in many cases. Often people want to upgrade to a sportier handling feel, too. For these two reasons, BILSTEIN have developed different spare parts and upgrade options for the Volvo XC60. This includes substitution of conventional parts and improvement of the standard parts.

Precisely, there are three suspension kits B4, B6 and B12. The first one is gas-pressure shock absorber, which makes sure that there is maximum safety through high performance reserves, constant damping under any load, high traction and precise handling.

The B6 damper on the other hand is the one offering better quality and providing optimum performance and comfort through added damping and an extremely long service life. At last, the B12 complete suspension system offers the perfect combination of sporty dynamics, impressive design and highly durable performance. But there's a reason behind this: it has been developed during driving tests in cooperation with springs manufacturer Eibach.

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