Outstanding driving dynamics and unique design made the BMW X6 the clear favourite of the "Off Road" specialist magazine readership. Winning by a clear margin, the first Sports Activity Coupe in the world scored top marks in the "Four by Four of the Year 2009" competition's "Crossover" category. The finishing touches to the BMW X models' success story were added when the BMW X5 was selected third in the "Luxury SUV" category.

The excellent score that BMW X models achieved during the "Off Road" reader survey is a reflection of the undiminished attraction of BMW X models and proves the successful reinterpretation of their most important features in the context of a completely new vehicle segment. The superior driving dynamics of the winning Sports Activity Coupe BMW X6 are underlined by the model's coupe-like line arrangement and powerful stance, which made their presence felt from the first. The new vehicle concept is closely connected with a unique driving experience. Dynamic Performance Control, introduced with the BMW X6, carries out the variable distribution of drive power between the front and rear wheels not only by means of the electronically controlled BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive but also between both rear wheels, thus consistently adjusting to driving conditions at all times and in all situations. Attributes such as agility, steering precision, stability and traction are raised to new dimensions.

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Due to its modern drive technology, which includes the integration of extensive BMW EfficientDynamics technology, the BMW X6 also meets the requirements for reduced consumption and emission rates. An EU test cycle showed an average fuel consumption of 8.2 litres for 100 kilometres. With this result, the 173 kW/235 hp BMW X6 xDrive30d has achieved an efficiency that until quite recently would have been regarded as inconceivable for its category and performance class.

Exactly ten years ago, the German manufacturer of premium cars laid down the foundations of the BMW X models' success by launching the predecessor of the current BMW X5 - the first Sports Activity Vehicle. The BMW X5 with its unique combination of sporting on-road characteristics and confident off-road traction defined new standards. Its predecessor boosted the attractiveness of the Sports Activity Vehicle concept not just in terms of dynamic driving but also with the combination of luxurious appeal with high functionality in the interior and the exemplary efficiency of its drive technology.

Accolades awarded by the "Off Road" specialist magazine rate high among manufacturers of all-wheel drive cars. They are based on the assessment of a readership whose substantial expertise and strong affinity to and fascination for off-road driving is on a par with that of the magazine's highly competent and experienced editorial team. Last year, "Off Road" magazine celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. The magazine's highly qualified readership has been taking part in the annual selection of the most popular off-road vehicles in the German market since 1982. The current success in the "Off Road" reader survey is yet another achievement in a series of awards won by BMW X models in the recent past.

Sales figures in this segment are another indicator of the sustained success of BMW X models. Ten years after the launch of the BMW X5, more than 1.3 million BMW X models have been sold, more than 243,000 of these in 2008 alone. Their enormous popularity was a major contribution to the fact that BMW successfully consolidated its position as the most successful global supplier of all-wheel drive premium cars in 2008. A total of 27% of all newly registered BMW models are equipped with xDrive and the near future will bring yet another expansion of the BMW X range. In addition to the BMW X6, BMW X5 and BMW X3 models, the car manufacturer will soon launch the new BMW X1. This new model will re-interpret the characteristic attributes of this vehicle segment in the context of the premium compact category.