2021 McLaren Senna GTRToday, the Brooklands Museum opens the new "Driven by Design" exhibition that showcases and explores the world of the beautiful McLaren Automotive vehicles.

As a part of the brand's long-standing commitment to encouraging people to delve into science, technology, engineering, and design, the McLaren team loans three exhibits including the McLaren Senna GTR prototype car, a McLaren Senna GTR concept car, and a full-scale LEGO model of a McLaren 720S.

Also, the exhibition celebrates the brand's 10-anniversary. Some of the events include the presentation of some of the 2,500 who design, engineer, test, and build the supercars.

Furthermore, the event will draw parallels between those involved in the development of the McLaren Senna GTR and Brookland's personalities from the time as an engineering hub for the automotive industry.

The Senna GTR itself is the ultimate track machine, freed from any motorsport or road regulations. The prototype and concept vehicles will be on display at the event. Back in 2018, the concept car was presented to the audience at the Geneva Show. The vehicle then managed to set higher standards for the automotive industry and was the winning car of different events and races.

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This is also the first exhibition focused on cars to open at Brooklands Museum in over a decade. Driven by Design explores McLaren Automotive's design and development process - what it takes to design a supercar and the skills needed to achieve groundbreaking engineering.