So much luxury fits into only 2.70 metres: The automobile manufacturer Carlsson turns the practical Smart Fortwo Coupé (type 451) into an individual, classy car for the necessities of urban living. LED daytime running lights, high-quality aerodynamic parts, Carlsson light alloy wheels as well as exclusive interior refinements  make this winning model unique.

At the front, the two black grille inserts made of powder-coated stainless steel above and below the number plate add a touch of individuality. The Carlsson LED daytime running lights demonstrate once again how carefully the automobile manufacturer at Gut Wiesenhof works: The LEDs have been approved not only as daytime running lights but also as sidelights, meaning that they may be used together with the low-beam lights. This is a clear advantage compared to other aftermarket kits.  As usual with Carlsson products, the brackets do not require any painting.

Carlsson Smart Fortwo Coupe

The conversion of the exterior is completed by the Carlsson front spoiler and the rear skirt extension made of high-quality polyurethane. The extension comprises the Carlsson sport rear silencer, completely made of stainless steel, with its four round tail-pipes which gives the Carlsson Smart a sonorous sound.

On the car unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, Carlsson also presents for the first time the new wheel 1/6 Revo. These particularly light rims are offered in the dimensions 6,5 x 17 on the front and 7,5 x 17 inches on the rear axle, underlining the vehicle's sportiness. In addition to this, the Carlsson sport lowering kit lowers the car by 15 millimetres at the front and 35 millimetres at the rear which accentuates the Smart's athletic  character.

The in-house saddlery at Gut Wiesenhof provides a luxurious atmosphere in the  refined interior. The driver and passenger seat are covered with quilted Nappa leather including  embroidered Carlsson logos in the backrests. The steering wheel, the dashboard topside and the door panels are refined with finest Nappa leather, whereas the kneepad, headliner, sunblinds, pillars, instrument topside and glove compartment cover are made of Alcantara. The automobile manufacturer also installs a gear knob in Nappa leather including a laser cut Carlsson logo as well as the Carlsson aluminium handbrake lever with boot in Nappa leather. A set of Carlsson floor mats and a trunk floor mat made of soft velours carrying the Carlsson logo as well as a high-quality aluminium pedal set complete the Carlsson interior refinement.

With its comprehensive customisation programme, the automobile manufacturer Carlsson turns the small city runabout into a luxurious vehicle for the metropolis.

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Source: Carlsson