smart team makes a bold move with a collector's edition vehicle. details here!

Smart team makes a bold move with a Collector's Edition vehicle. Details here!

In 2020 smart is expected to become the first automotive manufacturer to switch its entire portfolio from combustion engines to electric drives. However, before doing so, the brand is presenting and exclusive and limited edition of the final #21 combustion-engine vehicles – personally designed by Konstantin Grcic. With this Collector’s Edition the brand is marking of a new era and 21 years of hands-on pioneering spirit. The Final Collector�

putting brabus to shame: a comprehensive guide by vilner bulgaria

Putting BRABUS to shame: a comprehensive guide by Vilner Bulgaria

You do remember this teaser, don’t you? And perhaps you do remember how excited we were when it first came out. Finally, here we are reviewing the final product - 2012 Smart Fortwo Brabus Xclusive, heavily revised by our fellow team of Vilner: the magicians from Bulgaria who know how a comprehensive and high quality tuning is made. In Vilner’s own words, this is the smallest vehicle that has left tuner’s workshop, but at the same time is

2016 smart brabus xclusive: launching and advertisement campaigns

2016 smart BRABUS Xclusive: launching and advertisement campaigns

BRABUS' new smart vehicle got famous for two thing: unique agility and incredible dynamics. Available as smart BRABUS or smart BRABUS Xclusive, the vehicle will also be available in fortwo, cabriolet and forfour variants later this year. And as it seems, BRABUS team decided to go for a advertisement campaign. The team has already launched a video, named "Most Xclusve Test Drive". It showcases how special and different the driving experience is

is this the car of the future? shell previews innovative concept vehicle [w/video]

Is this the Car of the Future? Shell Previews Innovative Concept Vehicle [w/video]

Shell Concept Car has been unveiled today showing strong potential for environmentally viable city car driving. Designed as a three seater this car is a preview that energy efficiency improvements can be achieved by using cutting edge technology available today through a process of “co-engineering”. This process allows vehicle’s body, engine design and lubricants to be created all-together. During the independent testing, Shell gathered

smart introduces edition white and edition black

Smart Introduces Edition White and Edition Black

smart is looking to extend its range’s variety by adding white and black editions to the fortwo and forfour models. Since the brand new model can be currently ordered with first deliveries and dealership sales in February, it was the perfect moment for smart to introduce these two premium edition. To go into details, the cars are based on the well known and loved prime trim line. It brings about a sort of luxury, with features such as heated leather seats. What is more, the future owners of either of the editi

smart fortwo cabrio brings the summer back 

smart fortwo cabrio Brings the Summer Back 

The latest variant of the smart fortwo cabrio was revealed in December and now, a month later, the cute mini car is about to enter the market. The open-top two-seater is about to appear in dealerships in February in its form equipped with the 52 kW engine and the twinamic dual clutch transmission. But don’t worry, because a variant with manual transmission will follow soon. The company has prepared for the customers three lines to choose from: passion, prime and proxy. In addition they can also choose from a lar

this is why the new smart fortwo cabrio is so adorable!

This is Why the New smart fortwo cabrio is so Adorable!

Meet the new smart fortwo cabrio. It is as sweet as the previous generation, however it has an advantage: an electrically-operated fabric roof. This roof can be lowered or raised in just 12 seconds at any speed of the mini vehicle. But this is not all. This car also offers low running costs, stylish exterior and interi

smart forrail or the different kind of driving experience

Smart ForRail or the Different Kind of Driving Experience

Smart ForRail is literally unique. There is no other second vehicle like in the world. And I am not talking about the exterior appearance or the goodies included in it. It offers different way of traveling in terms of … the driving itself. Because it does not ride on rubbers, but on solid discs, this car is actually