If your engine components go there is an easy decision on whether to fix it, replace it or trade in for a new vehicle. But when there is something small like an electrical problem, it always seems like those little ones can lead to larger problems, and are incredibly challenging to fix.

Faulty Instrument Lights. One problem any vehicle can face, not including Jeep models is a instrumental or gauges that aren't lighting up properly. This could be a problem for a number of reasons, one you can't see how fast your going, you can't see your fuel gauge just to name a couple.

No blinker or hazards, or even blinkers that are blinking too fast. This is oddly a problem that does happen often with some LED lights. Sometimes just by adding LED lights could cause this problem, or more commonly you have lost a bulb recently. Nobody wants to be driving behind a Jeep that looks like they are having a rave whenever they turn.

Brake Light is staying lit, well after releasing the brake? The main cause for this is because the tab doesn't release from the connector properly, which signifies the light as if the brake is still on. But it also could be something as natural as a corroded connector or broken wire.

The problems with electric components can be large of very small and granular. This is the challenge of owning any vehicle, and not a Jeep. But in order to maintain the longevity of your vehicle as recommended to us by a local car tech, is to simply have it maintenance on the regular. Just like visiting your doctor, have your check-ups done to catch the small things before they come big problems.

Source: Service Center of Pomoco Chrysler