2021 Dacia DusterSince 2013, Dacia has partnered with three mountain rescue associations in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. Brand's famous Duster model is used by numerous response teams and allows them to carry out all kinds of rescue missions in any remote location and transport equipment, rescue dogs, and those in need.s

Darko, a Croatian rescuer for 25 years, explains: "We have used Dacia Dusters for the last eight years. They are really practical vehicles because they can be driven on urban roads and forest tracks too."

Dusters are used as rapid response vehicles to get to the scene of the accident and transport everything needed for a successful rescue mission – medical equipment, search dogs, and all kinds of technologies. The vehicle's AWD system and high ground clearance allow for easy operation in difficult situations, harsh environments, and bad weather conditions.

2021 Dacia Duster

The Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian mountains are visited by a large number of people and there are often accidents occurring. This is why in Slovenia there are 430 rescue teams that responded to 485 incidents in 2020, 500 volunteers in Serbia that called out 1,500 times last year. As it comes to Croatia, there are about 700 volunteers and they have been called out about 7,000 times last year. Natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, storms and snow avalanches account for 15 percent of callouts.

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"With the Duster, we can get to the scene of the accident really quickly to give first aid," Darko, a long-serving Croat rescuer said.

Even in difficult weather and driving conditions, the Dacia Duster provides dependability and off-road capabilities to support these heroes of the mountains as they save people's lives.

2021 Dacia Duster

Source: Dacia