2018 DTE Systems Mercedes-Benz A-Class The fourth-generation A-Class comes with sportier and more muscular appearance that hides a massive power output, generated via refined and improved drivetrain system. New A 20 is pure Mercedes-Benz experience, due to the fact that it incorporates all these well-known brand features, but at the same time manages to remain consistent in presenting us some contemporary gadgets that make it look and feel good in today's world.

And along with team's urge to remain adequate in modern times, there are people who find ways to offer even more flexibility and refinement. For example, engineers at DTE Tuner team has decided to boost the power output of a lucky A 200 machine to the massive 163hp and 250Nm of torque, thanks to the installation of PowerControl X gadget and the additional exclusive tweaks by the team members.

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The vehicle itself is powered with a 1.33-liter displacement, created in collaboration with Renault and uses a gasoline particulate filter for the first time. The installed goodie, PowerControl X, gives additional 23hp and 46Nm of torque and further boosts pressure. After installation the vehicle is immediately ready for use. Additionally, DTE team has included new PedalBox Plus gadget that optimizes the overall acceleration capabilities of the lucky A 200 with a total of 10 per cent. Neat!

Source: DTE Systems