Surely to become one of the most memorable motoring events in the last few years, Paris International Motor Show 2010 has been chosen by Ferrari for the presentation of its special series model SA APERTA. Created exclusively to mark the 80th anniversary celebrations of Pininfarina, the stunning roadster from Maranello will be manufactured in only 80 examples worldwide, which are of course already sold.

On its outside, the limited-edition SA APERTA highlights an exceptional styling reinforced by a low-slung windscreen, two special roll-bars behind the sporty seats, as well as a light soft top solution for unbearable weather conditions.

Under its sleek skin, the Ferrari SA APERTA benefits from pure front-engined V12 architecture capable of delivering the output of 670 horsepower, which transforms it in an astonishing breath-taker.

According Ferrari, the cockpit of the limited series ride will boast only premium materials, skilfully combined in sporty, tempting combinations, ensuring that every vehicle from the limited SA APERTA line will be unique and unmatched.

Ferrari SA APERTA (2011) - picture 1 of 3
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Ferrari SA APERTA (2011) - picture 3 of 3