GM has made a huge step in the full-size SUVs segment with its Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid model, which offers great luggage space, ultra-potent eight-cylinder power unit and enviable economy. But the guys from GeigerCars are always creative enough to offer something even better, packing the huge ride with an LPG system.

In its stock mode, the Tahoe Hybrid is supplied with energy by a 6.0-litre, aluminum, V8 engine, which renders the strong 332 horsepower at 5,100 revs and a max torque of more than 498 Nm at 4,100 rpm. Furthermore, the motor has an automatic cylinder deactivation system that temporarily switches off one bank if it isn't needed and saves more fuel. In Tahoe, the brand's experts have combined this advanced feature with an electric drive including a regenerative braking system and completely combustion-free starting after stops, making the large Chevy the first serial hybrid SUV ever at the time of its introduction on the market at the end of 2007. Thanks to this innovative approach, the hybrid delivers a fuel consumption of approximately 11 liters per 100 kilometers, which is a remarkable value for a vehicle with this size and capability.

The GeigerCars Chevy Tahoe Hybrid now goes one step further in terms of economy, packing an LPG system and transforming the ride from two- into a tri-mode full-size SUV. The mounted gas tank has a capacity of 109 liters so that it can travel quite adequate distances. With this feature, the American ride manages to cut the effective fuel costs in half at the current price for LPG, which definitely adds an additional incentive for purchasing the visually appealing Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid with its great equipment. GeigerCars' LPG feature is priced at 4,000 Euro including installation tax.

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GeigerCars Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Specifications List:

  • Engine - 6.0-Liter, V8
  • Performance - 332 horsepower at 5,100 rpm
  • Torque - 498 Nm at 4.100 rpm
  • Gear - four-stage automatic gear shift control system with overdrive
  • Wheels - Aluminium in 8x18-inch
  • Tyres - 265/65 R18
  • Gas Tank - 109 litres
  • Basic vehicle - 56,000 Euro
  • LPG system - 4,000 Euro