2015 GMC Canyon is a midsize pickup which offers great maneuverability. This is probably the top reasons for the growing popularity of the vehicle among the customers in the United States. The new Canyon offers the right size for those looking for a more agile pickup. In this way the customers will enjoy the convenience of this smaller size mid-sized pickup's ability to easily fit in a garage, travel downtown areas of big cities, and navigate crowded parking lots.

2015 GMC Canyon is the smaller sibling of the 1500 Sierra, 2500 and 3500 Sierra Heavy Duty pickups. The short-bed crew cab is 212.7 inches long, which is exactly 17 inches shorter than a comparable Sierra 1500. The width of the Canyon measures 74.3 inches which is five inches narrower than Sierra and two inches wider than the Terrain compact SUV.

However, the smaller size of the vehicle does not mean a compromise in terms of functionality or capability. 2015 Canyon has a tight turning radius of around 41 feet or 12.6 meters. This makes it easier for the driver to maneuver when parking or backing into tight spots. In addition, the electric power steering also provides help in maneuverability.

GMC Canyon is powered by four versatile and efficient engines: the standard 2.5L I-4 unit, the optional 3.6L and V6. The last two units feature direct injection, variable valve timing and six-speed transmissions. The most powerful in the engine range is the 2.5L Duramax Turbo-Diesel.

The 2015 GMC Canyon is scheduled to arrive in dealerships this fall.

Length (in/cm) Width (in/cm)
2015 Canyon short box crew 4x4, 3.6L V-6 212.7 / 5403 74.3 / 1886
2014 Sierra 1500 short bed crew 4x4, 5.3L V-8 229.5 / 5829 80.0 / 2032
2014 Ram 1500 short bed crew 4x4, 5.7L V-8 229.0 79.4
2014 Ford F-150 short bed crew 4x4. 5.0L V-8 231.9 79.2*
2015 Toyota Tundra short bed crew 4x4, 5.7L V-8 228.9 79.9

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