2016 Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept Mitsubishi Motors Corporation reveals more details for the GT-PHEV Concept next-gen SUV that will be revealed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

What we know so-far is that the GT-PHEV will be some sort of super-high-end next-gen SUV machine that can tackle down any road and off-road challenge. Dressed up in MMC's latest design ideals and geared with advanced drivetrain systems, the Concept will serve as brand's turning point towards the future. So, let's review the already known features!

Exterior styling

2016 Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept

The visual appearance of the vehicle can be described with only one word: massive. Definitely this thing looks huge and muscular and sort of makes you respect it. The front end shows powerful presence with MMC's Dynamic Shield that is both clean and beautiful. The sides incorporate horizontal lines and light curves that expand the body further and enhance the feeling of massiveness. And the rear end? It finishes the idea of a blend of muscles and beauty. It looks big, aggressive, but at the same time stays clean neat. Long story short: we do like the looks of this vehicle.

Drivetrain system

2016 Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept

PHEV Concept incorporates the next-generation of super powerful and efficient batteries and engines and it is expected that the SUV will deliver some outstanding performance rates.

The aim of the engineering team is to deliver a combination of aggressive road behavior and smooth ride at the same time. Personally, I am not convinced that "road aggressiveness"  and "smooth ride" can be blended in a single sentence, but it appears as Mitsubishi team thinks otherwise.

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Furthermore, If team's promises become a reality, this vehicle will be capable to cover about 1,200 kilometers with just a single charge of the battery unit. Hopefully, the triple-motor idea will be enough to handle the electric power demand.

In fact, we tend to like the idea for this one. Hopefully, the reality will resemble the words and promises of Mitsubishi team.

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