2015 Hamann Porsche Macan S Diesel Porsche Macan S Diesel comes with impressive performance, long-distance comfort and numerous bold features. Surely, Hamann team has set the bar even higher. This vehicle has a lot to demonstrate: flexibility and agility, along with beauty and style. It is like a real tiger. And why I say tiger? Let me remind you that the name "Macan" originates from Indonesia. It literally means tiger and it is just the word to use for such a machine.

Elegant and beautiful as a tiger

The face of this version demonstrates even more confidence. It looks like it is ready to tackle down all the challenges in front of it. With the low front apron and aerodynamic lines this sweetie has a really distinctive appearance. Moreover, this beast looks and more muscular and massive thanks to the extended shapes that altogether give a width boost of 12 centimeters. At the rear, Hamann's tiger appearance continues the muscular and aggressive affair along with the sharpened spoiler and the neat little details.

Powerful and flexible as a tiger

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The heart of the beast has also been revised. Now it offers a total of 310 hp (228 kW) and 680 Nm at 2,500 rpm. This all means that the vehicle can now go from 0 to 100 km/h (62 miles per hour) in just 5.7 seconds, compared with a total of 6.1 seconds for the standard version. Power and style.

Furthermore, the vehicle comes with restyled suspension. It is geared with sporty springs with made-to-measure lowering. Also, supporting the suspension are the special "Anniversary EVO" wheels with filigree multi-spoke design.

And all these drivetrain and appearance tweaks really bond well with the comfortable cabin. It is geared with sporty and elegant applications. And if there are still people who are still not satisfied, Hamann offers and individualcomponents as well.

2015 Hamann Porsche Macan S Diesel

Stylish, beautiful and powerful. A prime example of how should a car look and drive.

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