HAMANN-Motorsport presents its latest technology wheel HM EVO FORGED. By its production in forged technology, this variation of the well-known HAMANN rim HM EVO could be even reduced further in weight. A front wheel rim measuring 8.5 x 20 inches only weighs 11 kilograms. The rim which has been especially adjusted to the style and needs of the current BMW fleet, combines modern design with the highest technical requirements. After fitting this one-piece light alloy wheel, not only the handling, but also the acceleration and braking characteristics of the vehicle are improved by reducing the unsprung masses.

Five elongated and vaulted triple spokes document its optical and technical finesse. The anodising surface in dark hard coal emphasises the high-quality finishing. Integrated cross beams in the spokes render additional stability.

The rim HM EVO FORGED can be obtained in the dimensions 8.5 x 20 to 11 x 20 as well as 9.0 x 21 to 10.5 x 21 inches for all current BMW-models. Prices start at 1,500,- €.