2021 Honda HR-VThe new HR-V e:HEV comes powered with Honda's advanced two-motor hybrid powertrain technology, delivering a blend of efficiency and responsiveness. This sub-compact model lineup joins Honda's larger electric range and represents the brand's devotion to electrify its entire production.

Exterior design

2021 Honda HR-V

The latest generation of HR-V e:HEV embodies a simple, clean, and contemporary design philosophy that is already seen in many other Honda models.

The silhouette of the vehicle is sleek and although playful in spirit, contributes to some enhanced performance, thanks to the increased 10mm clearance, reduced roof height by 20mm, and the adoption of 18-inch alloy wheels that further enhance the robust appeal.

Aerodynamic improvements are achieved without the need for unnecessary design features and additions that compromise elegant styling. There's an air curtain slit at the front bumper, rear side sill lip, and sleek rear light shape that altogether reduce drag and are aided by a rear side spoiler which reduces the turbulence behind the vehicle.

Interior design

2021 Honda HR-V

Inside the new HR-V, every component is dedicated to achieving as much as possible spaciousness and coziness at the same time. The cabin design also focuses on practicality and ease of use of all systems, buttons, and functions.

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The design team has included "Air Diffusion System" where L-shaped vents are positioned in the top corners of the dashboard and contribute to cleaner interior air by directing a stream of air along with the front side windows to the roof, which creates vortex of air beside and above occupants. Also, Honda's next-gen body stabilizing front seats are present with pat-structure support, smart positioning of the dashboard, and controls.

Drivetrain system

2021 Honda HR-V

Honda has included its agile and efficient 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol unit with a peak power output of 131hp and 253Nm of torque at 4,500rpm.

Furthermore, the drivetrain system features three selectable driving modes – Sport, Normal, and Econ, each giving a different feel and serving a specific role.

Also, the vehicle adopts an Adaptive Cruise Control system, Blind Spot Information system, Mitigation steering System and Collision Mitigation Brake System, Cross-Traffic Monitor, Hill Descent Control, and others.

Source: Honda