HplusB-Design Chrysler 300C Front ViewHplusB-Design Chrysler 300C come in exclusive SRT look and this has happened with the simple application of foil wrap. However, the car did not go unchanged in other terms. It also received a number of other improvements, which give it extra power, dynamism and capability.


The exotic retro look of this HplusB-Design Chrysler 300C has been achieved with the help of "Electric Lime" foil contrasted by a bonnet in black foil carbon. It is really amazing to see that such a great effect can be accomplished only via foil sheets in different color.

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But for this extreme look of the Chrysler, also speak other elements, which are not visible at first glance. For instance, HplusB-Design has installed KW variant 1 coilovers, while behind the wheels there are 40 mm adapter plates on front axle and 50 mm discs on rear.

Speaking of wheels, they have been also changed and the Chrysler 300C now runs on Tomason TN1 rims in 10 x 22 inch size. They have been coupled with 265/30x22 rubbers all around.

HplusB-Design Chrysler 300C Rear View

This is actually a tuning project in process, because the experts are currently demounting the soot particle filters. This also means that they have to deactivate the software and control the regular spf-outburn. In addition, an installation of a carbon fiber airbox in in progress.

Engine Boost 

The team wasn't inclined to leaving the HplusB-Design Chrysler 300C without power boost. In fact, the specialists set a goal to achieve a near 300hp output. The serial production horses of the 300C are estimated at 217hp (160 kW), so the goal wasn't an easily achievable task.

Via software optimization, and an installation of a big charge air cooler and gear release, HplusB-Design achieved a new output of 283.4 HP (208 kW) and 648 Nm (477 lb-ft) of maximal torque. Also helping here is the FG-Motorsport axle back exhaust, which is also responsible for the great sound when the car is running.

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