2021 Hyundai SCANIAHyundai Motor Company revealed more details for the new multi-purpose vehicle lineup, STARIA, ahead of its online premiere scheduled later in 2021.

Designed for both families and businesses, STARIA lineup will provide enhanced mobility and tons of new features. The vehicle's design, for example, is based on the "inside-out" concept and creates a perfect base for the cabin. The exterior presents a futuristic and minimalistic silhouette with fluid curves. The front-end is adorned with horizontal daytime running lights and a positioning lamp that together stretch across the width of the vehicle.

At the rear, the body showcases a simplistic design approach with eye-catching vertical tail lamps and a wide rear window.

2021 Hyundai SCANIA

As it comes to the interior, the vehicle reveals a cabin with a contemporary design and tons of features. The interior is inspired by the lounge of a ship and provides new architecture with lower beltlines and expansive panoramic windows. The cockpit is driver-focused and has this hi-tech look with the 10.25-inch front display screen.

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STARIA also offers a number of seating arrangements, from 2-seater to 11-seater, making it a flexible vehicle for both family and business uses.

More details will be revealed later this year.

2021 Hyundai SCANIA

2021 Hyundai SCANIA

Source: Hyundai