2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL 910 - Front AngleAll-new Hyundai Sonata and Sonata Hybrid have achieved the highest five-star safety rating from NHTSA. After attaining high scores from each of the rating categories in the latest tests, both models demonstrated enhanced rigidity and flexibility as it comes to safety and its manifestation in real-life conditions.

2020 Sonata Overview

This is the eighth-generation Sonata and unlike its predecessors, this new family member features Hyundai's Sensuous Sportiness design concept philosophy and comes with a revised Smartstream 2.5-liter GDI power unit and segment-first technology that allows for enhanced personalization options.

Safety features

New Sonata maximizes occupant safety through a range of active and passive safety features and brand's latest SmartSense advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), which includes:

  • Nine airbags
  • Advanced Assistance System
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (standard)
  • Lane Keeping Assist (standard)
  • Advanced Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go (standard)
  • Highway Driving Assist (optional)
  • Additional convenience technologies

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New Hyundai Sonata and Sonata Hybrid also come with Touch Sensor Outside Door Handles. These goodies increase the ease of use and further refine the design. In order to lock the door, the driver needs only to touch the sensor on the outside of the handle. By doing so, a larger sensor is activated and thus the door is being opened.

Remote Start

2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL - Rear Angle

This one has been part of the Hyundai Blue Link system for years. It works by using a cellular data connection in order to warm up or cool down the vehicle when it is out of sight of the owner. In order to make the system even more efficient, Hyundai engineers added Remote Start to the key fob – this allows a remote start to be performed when the vehicle is within the owner's line of sight.

Performance and Chassis

The all-new Sonata is the first model in Hyundai's lineup to feature the brand's third-generation vehicle platform. It offers even more flexibility for vehicle development across numerous segments and enables massive innovations in design to be applied, all along with improvements in safety, efficiency, and driving performance.

Source: Hyundai