2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Hyundai Motor launches its first vehicle with a solar roof charging system. This is considered a groundbreaking eco-friendly technology that would provide vehicles with additional power and fuel efficiency. This system makes its debut with the new Sonata Hybrid and will support the vehicle's electric power source.

The solar roof includes a structure of silicon solar panels and is able to charging of up to 60 percent of the battery per day. With six hours of daily charging, we do expect that the traveling distance will expand with additional 1,300km annually.

What this system is comprised of are a solar panel and a controller. Electricity is produced when the solar energy activates the panel's surface, which converts the energy by using photons of light from the sun. This process creates electric-hole pairs in silicon cells that generate electricity. Although it sounds like a technology taken from a sci-fi movie, it is completely real and as it seems it works just fine.

Although the solar roof plays a supporting role, it opens up possibilities for additional upgrades and optimizations.

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It is super cool to see how brands evolve and adapt to contemporary demands. By incorporating technology like this one, Hyundai team showcases that the future of automobiles is cleaner that we thought.

Source: Hyundai