Not one, but two impeccable and iconic American restomod muscle cars are being offered at auction with the original online classic car auctioneer, The Market, giving petrolheads a rare opportunity to acquire possibly two of the most stunning and powerful examples of classic Americana available today.

Bidding will start on a 1970 Ford Mustang SVT Terminator Cobra on 2nd November and start on a 1974 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, on 3rd November with both auctions closing a week later. The cars are estimated to fetch around £90,000 - £120,000 and £85,000 - £100,000 respectively.

"Both of these beauties in their original form are genuine motoring icons, guaranteed to set pulses racing," comments Tristan Judge, director, The Market. "However, the extent of work, detail and expense that has been spent on their modernisation, meaning that their new owners can enjoy thrilling modern day performance and iconic classic looks, takes them to a whole new level and makes them utterly desirable."

A true Blue Oval thoroughbred, the Mustang's modernisation combines the classic original looks of the 1970s original with many upgraded components from the 2003/4 ‘Terminator' Cobra developed by Ford's in-house SVT team.

Now fitted with a 2.6-litre Kenne Bell supercharger, the tuned 4.6-litre V8 petrol engine delivers a mighty 688bhp, up from its original 390bhp, which is capable of powering the car to an estimated top speed of over 180mph.

Indeed, the entire 21st century Ford engine, drivetrain, chassis and suspension remains intact as per its original design, meaning it delivers stunning performance guaranteed to deliver many smiles per mile.

Meanwhile, finished in striking Mopar Snakeskin Green, the Dodge features a number of custom engineering upgrades designed to bring the very best out of this classic. Hosting a modern Dodge Hellcat engine with a jaw-dropping output of 707bhp, the car's raw power has been complemented with a custom suspension setup from Control Freaks, ensuring it performs as well as it looks.

"To be able to offer just one of these stunning restomods would be fantastic, but to have a pair of such quality is a real rarity," adds Judge. "The cars' new owners will be able enjoy the unique blend of iconic classic looks with modern day supercar performance and handling. While these types of cars certainly have a niche appeal, given the genuine quality and craftsmanship of their transformation, we expect bidding to be highly competitive and we wish all bidders the very best of luck."