Europe's newest premium car brand, has launched an internet based ‘reservation list' in response to demand from customers eager to be among the first in their country to own one of the company's range of performance cars when deliveries start from October 2008. Potential Infiniti owners can sign up by visiting where the list has now opened.

The process is very simple. After entering a few details, Infiniti allocates the customer a personal reservation number. This is then passed to the nearest Infiniti Centre who will contact the customer before pre-ordering opens, inviting him or her to place their order which will then be given priority. But anyone hoping to jump the queue had better sign up soon. Infiniti's reservation list will only be open for a limited time until 30 September 2008.

According to Infiniti Europe's Marketing Director, Bastien Schupp, almost 10,000 people have already signed up on to be an Infiniti Insider. "We're pleased to see that excitement and anticipation are building even faster than we expected," Schupp said.

The first European Infiniti Centres will open their doors in nine countries from October 2008, including the major markets of France, Spain and Italy. Six more countries will join the Infiniti stable from January 2009, quickly followed by a further six countries from April 2009, including the UK and Germany.

The arrival of Infiniti in Europe is not just one of the most exciting premium automotive brand events in nearly two decades; it promises to redefine the customer's experience of buying and owning a performance car.

At launch, the Infiniti range will comprise four exciting, and engaging luxury cars – two highly distinctive crossovers, the EX37 coupé crossover and all new FX performance crossover, and the award-winning G37 coupé and sedan models. Each Infiniti model will be tailored for European customers' unique needs, rigid quality standards and demanding European driving conditions.