Infiniti, the luxury car company from Japan, has released final European specifications for the G37 Convertible, arguably the brand's most seductive design yet.Offered in a choice of two comprehensively equipped models, both featuring a metal three-piece folding roof, the G37 Convertible has been designed without compromise to look as beautiful with the top up as it does down.

It was also created with driving pleasure in mind. Power comes from a tuneful 3.7-litre, V6 petrol engine which supplies 320PS to the rear wheels. Unsurprisingly the G37 Convertible is one of the faster four-seater Convertibles on the market. Acceleration to 62mph takes a mere 6.2 seconds (on manual version) and its top speed, where conditions allow, is limited to 155mph.

Even the entry G37 Convertible, named GT, comes lavishly equipped.  Infiniti takes an intelligent view when it comes to specifying its products, fitting as standard the sort of equipment its customers expect. So included in the price of the GT are 19" alloy wheels with sports brakes, a wind deflector, leather seats, active cornering Bi-Xenon headlamps and LED rears, dual-zone adaptive climate control with automatic air recirculation, the Infiniti Intelligent Key, as well as heated and electrically adjustable front seats. There's also one feature the buyer may not expect: Infiniti's self-healing Scratch Shield Paint.

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The G37 Convertible is the first Infiniti product in the world to feature a new information and entertainment system known as Connectiviti. In the GT version it includes a powerful seven-speaker audio system incorporating a CD player with MP3 disc compatibility as well as a 2GB Music Box and iPod/USB compatibility, Bluetooth® phone connection with voice controls, parking sensors and a rear view camera.  One of the few options available is Infiniti's seven-speed automatic transmission with magnesium paddle shifters.

For a modest premium, Infiniti offers the GT Premium version. The most notable addition to the GT's specification is Connectiviti+.  The "+" means a standard 30Gb HDD navigation system with a 3D Points of Interest information bank supplied by Michelin Green Guide – a world first.  Available routes include a scenic option and information is given about spots worth stopping along the way.  The driver can be also made aware of fixed speed camera locations and, handy given the performance available, the speed the car should be travelling at the time…

The music box can now store up to 10GB of music – that's around 300 CDs – and this, along with the navigation system, can be operated by one of four ways including a high resolution touch screen.  The electric, leather front seats now have a memory function linking the driver's seat position to the car's Intelligent Key and, unusually, they can be cooled as well as heated.  Finally the front seat headrests incorporate a pair of unique Bose Personal® speakers as part of the 13-speaker Bose® Premium Sound System.  It also has the facility to filter out background noise and adjusts the equalisation settings depending on whether the top is up or down.

There may be just two choices of grade due to Infiniti's inclusive specification but there are rather more when it comes to colour and trim combinations … 48, in fact, many of which are unique to the Convertible.  One choice reserved for the GT Premium with automatic transmission is Monaco Red leather with red stained maple wood. This dramatic combination can be revealed in just 25 seconds, the time it takes for the Convertible to be transformed from top up to top down.  The operation can be performed from inside the car.  Or for the less bashful, from outside by pressing a button on the door handle.