In Alfa Romeo's Centenary year, the new Alfa Giulietta is the undisputed star of the Alfa Romeo stand at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show (4-14 March).  With the new car – capable of demonstrating great agility over the most demanding routes, and providing comfort on everyday roads – Alfa Romeo continues its custom of presenting new products and features in a world preview context.

Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, new Giulietta is a five-door hatchback, with strong Alfa Romeo design cues, equipped with impressive dynamic capability for the most demanding routes, while providing comfort on everyday journeys. This is thanks to its new Compact platform which, in conjunction with the refined technical solutions employed for the suspension, the dual pinion active steering, and high quality materials and manufacturing technologies implemented, allows the Giulietta to achieve excellent performance both in terms of on-board comfort as well as dynamic and safety features (active and passive).

From May this year, the Alfa Giulietta will go on sale progressively in all the major markets, while visitors to the Geneva Motor Show will be able to see five different versions: two Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf) versions fitted with Alfa Romeo's 235 HP 1750 TBi engine, two Distinctive versions with 170 HP 2.0 JTDMturbodiesels, and a Distinctive version fitted with the 170 HP 1.4 MultiAir Turbo petrol engine. The name of the new car is an obvious tribute to the mythical Giulietta which in the Fifties caught the imagination of generations of car enthusiasts, making the dream of owning an Alfa Romeo, with its high level of comfort and technical excellence, possible for the first time.

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A new platform to enhance road holding and agility in total comfort and safety

The new compact Alfa Romeo has been designed to appeal to customers looking for a distinctive saloon providing excellent levels of comfort and the best possible dynamic performance.

The new Alfa Giulietta introduces an entirely new platform – referred to as Compact – designed to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of road-holding, agility and safety. It ensures both exceptional dynamic performance and high comfort levels, thanks to the refined technical solutions employed for the suspension, a new-generation steering system, a light and rigid structure created from materials such as aluminium and high-strength steels, and avant-garde manufacturing techniques.

This new platform will allow the Giulietta to accommodate the needs of a wide spectrum of customers in this category, teaming on-board comfort, functional interiors and a substantial boot, with the typical dynamic qualities of a true Alfa Romeo.

Driving satisfaction and comfort can be adapted to meet customers' specific needs thanks to the Alfa DNA selector, a system that customises the vehicle's behaviour to suit different road conditions and driving styles. The new Alfa Giulietta platform was designed to integrate the vehicle's different systems and exploit them to the full, thus emphasising the three set-up functions (Dynamic, Normaland All Weather) available through the Alfa DNA selector. Fitted as standard on the entire Giulietta range, the system is designed to modify the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering system and Q2 electronic differential, in addition to the behaviour logic of the Vehicle Dynamic Control system (VDC).

Sporty and comfortable, Italian style

A perfect blend of sportiness and style, the new Alfa Giulietta redefines the Brand's technological standards and emotional values.

Frontal styling is a development of Alfa's trademark triangular grille, with a brand new interpretation of the classic shield, embedded in the front bumper and suspended between the air vents. This is the point of origin for the design of the entire car, which teams an energetic personality with markedly stylish shapes. The front headlights have DRL (Daylight Running Lights) with LED technology.

In profile, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is brimming with personality, reinforcing its agility and strength. The side windows recall the appearance of a coupé, emphasising the dynamism and fluidity of the shapes, including the concealed rear door handles. Ribs on the vehicle sides ‘elongate' the car while clean lines accentuate the angular shape of the body.

The rear, like the front and sides, emphasises the feeling of a muscular vehicle, decidedly ‘planted' on the road surface. In addition, like the headlights, the innovative rear lights also use LED technology which serves a stylish purpose and also enhances preventive safety.

The overall measurements of the new car allow for a compact and dynamic shape, while at the same time guaranteeing excellent comfort and a spacious boot (350 litres): in fact, new Giulietta is 4.35 metres long, 1.46 metres high and 1.80 metres wide, with a wheelbase of 2.63 metres.

Innovative features for maximum in-car wellbeing

Attention to detail and high quality materials used for the interiors are, today as yesterday, the most evolved expression of Italian style. Thanks to the enhanced ergonomics of the interior design, every command is ideally located: the main ones are grouped together at the centre of the dashboard and feature the same design as the commands on the 8C Competizione. In addition, the navigation system with pop-up display allows drivers to view either maps or the mechanical operating parameters set on the Alfa DNA system without having to take their eyes off the road.

There are practical open storage compartments situated in various parts of the passenger compartment: in front of the gear lever, on the centre console and on the interior door trim. There are closed storage compartments – depending on the chosen version – on the top of the dashboard, under the dashboard opposite the front passenger (cooled with dual zone climate control), and in both front and rear armrests.

Innovative engines for a thrilling yet environmentally-friendly drive

The new Alfa Giulietta offers the highest levels of performance and technology through a range of engines that are absolutely state-of-art in terms of technology, performance levels and environmental-friendliness. At the time of its commercial launch, four Turbo engines will be available, all with Euro 5 type-approval and fitted as standard with a Start&Stop system to reduce consumption levels and emissions: two petrol versions (120 HP 1.4TB and 170 HP 1.4TB MultiAir) and two diesels (105 HP 1.6 JTDMand 170 HP 2.0 JTDM, both second-generation MultiJet engines). The range is completed by the impressive 235 HP 1750 TBi teamed with exclusive Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf) interior.

The latter is a true representative of the way in which Alfa Romeo interprets the high end of this automotive segment.  Here is a 235 bhp vehicle that can really connect with customers. There is strong and sustained acceleration thanks to plenty of torque even at low engine rpm, a smooth response that minimises gearbox use thanks to the flat torque curve typical of the best modern petrol engines, and an engine note that is engaging without ever becoming intrusive.

In detail, Alfa Romeo's Turbo petrol engine boasts advanced technical solutions including direct fuel injection, twin continuously variable valve timing units, a turbocharger and a revolutionary scavenging control system that nullifies any turbo ‘lag'. The resulting performance is comparable to – or better than –many 3-litre engines, while still delivering fuel consumption typical of a compact four cylinder unit. It should be noted that the specific power of 134 HP/litre is the highest in the world for a 4-cylinder unit installed in this type of vehicle, as well as being the highest ever achieved by an Alfa Romeo production engine. The specific torque too, totalling 194 Nm/litre, is the highest of any petrol engine in this category, while the maximum torque of 340 Nm, delivered at only 1,900 rpm, is class-leading.

The range of engines available can accommodate a wide spectrum of customers. The 120 HP 1.4TB is the ideal engine for those in search of a car that can handle city traffic effortlessly while keeping running costs to a minimum. The turbo engine guarantees prompt response even at low rpm (maximum torque is achieved at just 1,750 rpm) while Start&Stop makes it possible to cut consumption and harmful emissions levels drastically, without compromising comfort and on-board safety.

The 170 HP 1.4 TB MultiAir engine is an amalgam of technology, which blends high performance levels with the lowest emissions and fuel consumption levels in its class for petrol engines of this power rating. This is a powerful and flexible engine, with a generous 250 Nm of torque (when set to Dynamic), fitted with Start&Stop and with

fuel consumption and emissions levels more closely resembling a diesel engine than a petrol one of this power rating (61.4mpg in the extra-urban cycle and 134 g/km of CO2 emissions). The teaming of this engine with Alfa Romeo's new platform ranks the Giulietta at the top of its class both for its dynamic qualities as well as comfort and practicality during everyday use.

The 105 HP 1.6 JTDM is a flexible and economical diesel engine that will surprise customers due to its prompt response (in Dynamic mode, maximum torque is a generous 320 Nm) combined with extremely low fuel consumption (in the extra-urban cycle, it is just 76.3 mpg). This is possible thanks to the combination of second-generation MultiJet technology and the Start&Stop system. Consequently, it is an engine dedicated to all those in search of a car with character and a distinctive style, affording the typical agility and handling of an Alfa Romeo, yet able to combine them with low running costs.

For customers who use their cars primarily on the motorway or who demand the maximum performance levels from a diesel engine, the 170 HP 2.0 JTDM is an obvious choice.  Again, it is an amalgam of technology which combines second-generation MultiJet technology with Start&Stop. The result is a vehicle with best-in-class performance levels, extremely flexible driving (with the DNA selector set to Dynamic mode, the available torque at 1,750 rpm is a generous 350 Nm), and one that offers among the lowest fuel consumption and emission levels in its class for cars with this power rating (124 g/km of CO2 and 68.8mpg in the extra-urban cycle). Thanks to the exceptional qualities of the new Compact platform, this version is able to blend impressive dynamic performance with best-in-class comfort and practicality.

All the engines are teamed with a state-of-the-art manual 6-speed gearbox which can withstand and transmit high maximum torque values. Subsequently, the MultiAir and 170 HP 2.0 JTDMengines will also be teamed with an innovative dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Segment-beating safety, comfort and dynamic control

The Alfa Giulietta was designed to achieve the highest Euro NCAP crash safety rating to offer total protection for both driver and passengers. In addition, the new platform was designed to guarantee the utmost interaction of the systems in charge of controlling vehicle dynamics.

The Alfa DNA system monitors all the sophisticated electronic devices for dynamic vehicle control: VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), Dual Pinion Active Steering, the Q2 electronic differential, the response and torque curve of the engine, and the braking system.

All these systems guarantee genuine Alfa Romeo driving pleasure, safety, vehicle traction and performance.

The new Compact platform, thanks to refined technical solutions employed for the suspension and the materials used (high-strength steels, aluminium, magnesium, etc.), can accommodate the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of on-board comfort and quiet running, ranking the Giulietta at the top of its class.

Extensive and diverse range

Intended for customers who won't compromise on-board comfort and safety, the new Giulietta is available in two versions (Progression and Distinctive), along with two custom packs (Sport Pack and Premium Pack).

All the devices linked to active and passive safety are fitted as standard on the entire Giulietta range. Indeed, the Progression version comes standard with the Alfa D.N.A. system (with Q2 electronic differential and DST), VDC (including ASR and hill holder), six airbags, front seat belts with dual pretensioners, and front seats with an anti-whiplash system. Standard equipment also includes manual climate control, 16'' wheels, front electric windows and a trip computer. Distinctive offers the following in addition to the standard equipment of the former: dual zone automatic climate control, leather steering wheel with radio controls, cruise control, radio with CD and MP3 player and dual tuner function, fog lights, reconfigurable instrument panel, seats upholstered in Competizione fabric, and a stylish chromed insert framing the side windows. The dashboard on Distinctive versions also stands out for the stylish insert painted in magnesium grey or, alternatively, in Ghiaccio white or Alfa Red as well as in brushed burnished aluminium.

As on the Alfa MiTo, customers can further customise their Giulietta with two specific Packs (Sport and Premium). The former is designed to enhance the sporty soul of the vehicle with specific features which improve the already excellent handling of the car and include 17''or 18'' alloy wheels, side skirts, sports pedals, wraparound seats with leather and microfibre fabric upholstery, brushed burnished aluminium dashboard insert and burnished headlight frames.

The Premium Pack includes bi-xenon lights with AFS function, the Blue&Me system with bluetooth function, USB port and MP3 player, rear parking sensors, electrically folding door mirrors and an electrochromic rear-view mirror.

To customise their Giulietta, customers can also choose from a list of options including a large panoramic sunroof, navigation system with maps and pop-up display with European maps on SD card and TMC Pro (service available for Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain) together with a Bose® Hi-Fi system. In addition, the Blue&Me® MAP system is also available, which adds to the functions of the Blue&Me® (hands-free function with Bluetooth® interface and advanced voice recognition, USB port, MP3 player and SMS interpreter) navigation functions thanks to a TomTom portable navigation system which is integrated with the vehicle's existing systems thanks to a Bluetooth® interface. The portable navigation system is embedded into the dashboard courtesy of a purpose-designed interface, so as to blend in seamlessly with the ergonomics of the passenger compartment and to ensure maximum safety in the event of an accident.

The new Giulietta range is completed by the 235 HP Giulietta 1750 TBi Quadrifoglio Verde (Cloverleaf), a legendary Alfa Romeo symbol which has competed on tracks all over the world. Equipped with the highest-performing engine in the range, this version stands out for its thoroughbred sports styling, teamed with 17'' (18'' optional) wheels, guaranteeing best-in-class driving pleasure and surprisingly low fuel consumption for this power rating. The Cloverleaf is thus reinterpreted with a modern touch, combining the utmost driving pleasure with greater environmental awareness.