Jaguar XJC by Carlex Design

The jaguar is a night predator. This quiet, roaring beauty has enough moxie to take on a croc. It is the firmest cat of the Western Hemisphere. Which car symbolises this unique beast? It is obviously the iconic Jaguar XJ, created by William Lyons, the follower of the great 240/340.

It was definitely a great challenge to amend the car's perfect predecessor – the essence of elegance and prestige. In 1968, though, the follower was presented, which remained virtually unchanged for almost 25 years – 11 years as Mk I and Mk II, and the next 13 years after a slight makeover by Pininfarina. It was still all about the same, beautiful and slender silhouette. The car's crowning version was the XJC – the XJ Coupé, manufactured only as Mk II from 1975 to 1978 in the quantity of almost 10,500 vehicles. A true black panther among Jaguars, made only in Coventry with its twin Daimler. It is elegant, fast and absolutely outstanding, and has always been the showcase of the brand and the object of desire of drivers, willing to sit at the steering wheel rather than on the back seat.

My name is XJ... XJ Coupé 2.0 – sounds like a perfect line introducing the 2021 XJC by Carlex Design. It's the same character but the latest technology: the 400 HP V8 engine, the new gearbox, brakes, rims and suspension. The best genes of the Jaguar family. A smooth ride, comfort and luxury – the essence of the 21st century, topped with exotic wood, top quality leather and carefully mastered details. It will definitely meet the requirements of the most demanding fans of classic cars and… those who simply enjoy a great ride. Carbon makes the car body tougher and relatively light, and the rollbar protects the driver and the passenger and provides greater durability. The British Racing Green shade perfectly complements the car's unique style and look. What is missing? Plastic and repeatability of most contemporary cars. It will be an exceptional Jag. The one everybody would like to have in their garage.

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