"My Jeep Story" CampaignJeep brand kicks off a year-long campaign with global footprint that includes digital and social elements. Named "My Jeep Story", the campaign provides a platform for brand's community in order to join the 75th anniversary with inspiring stories: everyone can tell his story of freedom, adventure and passion. Of course, "My Jeep Story" videos will be streamed directly on brand's official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram websites. And at the end of the campaign the brand will release a compilation of 75 stories that speak about the adventures of the numerous competitors.

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Fans and enthusiast can already share their story by posting a video directly on the official website or the social media sites. Throughout the whole campaign time, fans and followers will have the chance to create their story via Jeep branded experiences and adventures. Also, music artist Ciara, who appeared at Camp Jeep during the New York Auto Show will share her own Jeep Wrangler story.

And in order to keep us entertained, Jeep will release monthly "Story Sessions" with compilation of funny videos. Definitely it will be a joy to watch it, don't you think?

So, would you share your story? Tell us about it down in the comment section!

Source: Jeep