2019 Kia XCeedAll-new Kia XCeed comes with a blend of compact SUV practicality and the handling of a hatchback. It is a sporty alternative to the traditional SUVs and offers ample interior space, comfort, technologies and of course, rewarding driving experience. Let's see something more, shall we?

Exterior design

New XCeed comes with new dynamic styling and incorporates neat lines and sexy curves. In profile, the car's long bonnet flows into the A-pillars anchored on the front wheels, giving this sporty and swept-back silhouette. The front and rear of the vehicle also represent a departure from the face of the original Ceed design concept – the CUV proudly showcases a more assertive face with more prominent grille and larger lower air intaker. The headlamps are with a new design, featuring this ‘ice cube' signature sitting within the a more angular shape, topped by a slim turn signals that do contribute to the overall contemporary and sporty expression.

The rear catches the eye with slim and notable LED lights, heavily creased lines and a wider and more stable posture, thanks to the new rear bumper. And all of this is topped off with neat 16- or optional 18-inch wheels with exclusive design just for this particular model.

Interior design

2019 Kia XCeed

New Kia XCeed carries this contemporary cabin architecture to the inside. The lower hip point and raised ground clearance ensure sportier position and a better sight of the road at the same time. There are floating touchscreen infotainment system, sophisticated soft-touch materials with satin chrome dashboard trim that altogether form the refined and upscale ambience.

Unique for this model is the new yellow color pack for the interior with neat black upholstery accents and vibrant yellow stitching for seats and doors, yellow seat piping and a mixture of glossy black and metallic yellow highlights that can be seen everywhere in the cabin.

Furthermore, based on the spacious Ceed lineup, the new XCeed family member offers ample interior space for both cabin occupants and luggage department. There's just enough space for all passengers that makes them feel comfortable and enough room for all their baggage – with its 426 liters, the handy CUV can take a lot of bags. Something more, by folding the rear seats down, the capacity grows to the massive 1,378 litres – just enough to store one's entire household. Sweet!

Drivetrain system

2019 Kia XCeed

New XCeed can be specified by a wide range of turbocharged engines – with a plug-in variant for all these who are concerned about the green life.

There are a total of three turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines that the manufacturer offers – a three-cylinder 1.0-liter T-GDi that produces 120hp and 172Nm of torque, a four-cylinder 1.4-liter T-GDi with 140hp and 242Nm of torque and a high-power 1.6-liter T-GDi that generates a total of 204hp and 265Nm of torque.

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Except for the 1.0-liter T-GDi, all engines can be paired with a choice of six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The entry-level 1.0-liter power unit comes with a six-speed manual transmission, Idle Stop and Go function and other goodies.

2019 Kia XCeed

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