2016 Lexus RX FaceliftLexus debuted a national marketing campaign for the completely new and restyled RX luxury crossover. Along with the distinctive looks, this sweetie offers high levels of sophistication and exclusivity. Created for all who seek dynamic lifestyle, the vehicle has a lot to offer. Let's find out what exactly.

First of all, there will be two national TV spots to highlight the improvements. For example, in "Beautiful Contrast" shots of elegant woman walking past European landmarks can be seen, while a man drives the new RX in modern city area. What comes next we leave to you: after all we don't want to spoil the whole idea.

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Along with the two spots, there also be three multicultural spots: "Judgments Rewrite" will catch the eye for black audience and demonstrates how the contemporary RX is the ideal car for all the confident and prosperous people out there. The spot acknowledges that following your passion will eventually lead you to great rewards.

"Meet the Unexpected"  focuses towards Hispanic audience. Inspired by magical realism, the video demonstrates what happens when imagination meets emotion. A man wakes up in a desert only to find a Lexus RX key in his hand. After entering the vehicle he goes for a passionate drive through all dreamed destinations. Once again, we will leave the end to you.

2016 Lexus RX Facelift

"Ahead of the Curve" focuses on LGBT customers. A stylish start in their avant-garde home as one man grabs his briefcase and walks outside to his brand-new RX vehicle. It appears that the house mirrors the sculpted RX body, demonstrating that the SUV was especially engineered to keep up with the modern lifestyle.

Digital presence for the refined RX will include special brand integrations with AOL, Google/Youtube and "The Mindy Project" on Hulu. Of course, there will be special campaign launched for all the Facebook/Instagram, along with some print media features like distinctive headlines and special articles about the brand and the vehicle.

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