The exotic name of LOMA-Performance's latest tuning projest - C6.BlackforceOne is ispired by the legendary Boeing Air Force One, and so is its performance. Based on the "normal" Corvette C6 and not on a Z06 or ZR1 model, the C6.BlackforceOne will be available in Stealth matt black, Eurofighter matt grey and White Storm matt white colors.

The LOMA-Performance C6.BlackforceOne exterior is a true embodiment of the ultimate racing look. Its masculine vision is emphasized even more by few additional design elements including: carbon fibre wheel arch extensions, carbon fibre side skirts, carbon fibre front lip, daytime running lights, rear diffuser and optional LOMA-Performance rear spoiler finished in carbon fibre.

Thanks to its Bi-Turbo charged V8 engine, the refined vehicle boasts an amazing performance output of  794 hp. 675 hp still reach the rear axle after transfer via a LOMA-Performance carbon fibre sports clutch, highly durable carbon fibre drive shafts and an overhauled gear unit. The high-speed Corvette covers the zero to 100km/h sprint in just 3.4 seconds. Under the stuning roars from its LOMA Cup Sport Superlight exhaust system, the C6.BlackforceOne accelerates incredibly fast till it tops the maximum speed of 330km/h. The sports car proper handling is ensured by an adjustable coilover suspension kit and shiny black OZ Racing Ultraleggera HLT alloy wheels with size 10 x 19 and 12 x 20-inch wrapped in Michelin Sport Cup high performance tyres in dimensions 275/30R19 and 335/25R20. A Mov'it carbon fibre/ceramic brake unit is mounted for safety deceleration. The interior of the jet-fighter inspired vehicle features new sports steering wheel, sports seats and high-end materials such as carbon fibre and Alcantara.

C6.BlackforceOne production is strictly limited to 25 vehicles. All are numbered and come with a full guarantee. LOMA provides an additional 12-month guarantee for the spectacular engine tuning. The prices for a complete vehicle start at 190,000 EURO.

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